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Brad Jones @bradjones_deafman

Canberra 🔴Sponsored by Exceeding Expectations 🔴Promo Code 20% off = EXBJ0916 🔴Team #schembript 🔴IFBB Bodybuilder. Photo Progress & Meme

Time to be shadow.. no more posting progress photo here. Only to coach. 😉 be prepare to see me next year
Feathers tricep and building up horseshoe
This is 14 days difference! Went overboard on carb loading on left, then came back trained harder for 14 days and done properly carb up.. can see the difference here 👌🏻
Other #throwbackthursday to a day before Arnold Classic at @fuarkbrain 's good lighting bathroom
Because #throwbackthursday to when I was dieting for Australiasia. That diet face though
Feather and veins in off-season ? Not bad 🙄
Lightweight buddy 😂😂😂
Can't wait to be this lean again! My 2nd fav pose - side tricep!
Dad's 60th and brother aaron 30th 😊
Not bad for first time back on barbell rows. 130 for 8
Last week 👌🏻
This Olympia makes me go even more hungrier. 😈 can't wait to start new 8 weeks program with my coach @aussie_sandman tomorrow! KEEP GROWING TIME
For me, I find better tension on my lower lats while standing doing hammer pull! This way you can grow bigger Christmas tree! 4 plates each arms #datforearms tho
7 months until I start prep again 😈
Boom! This is after @alphabodymassage deep tissue massage it was hell painful but worth it 👌🏻 that naked light 😉
Fooook off
Be patience with progress. Progress will not come overnight. It takes weeks or months or even years or even decades. Embrace the progress as you can 😊
If your face doesn't look like mine while you're working out, you're not doing hard enough
Getting thicker and thicker... this is my relaxed pose. Those quad though
Looking through Arnold Classic photos make me even more hungrier for come back next 😈. Standing in between @omar_mou @luketriani was a honour :)