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Late night at the LA office with this crew planning our Mexico expansion! Si Se Puede!
Who remembers the View Master..? You know, that red binocular/camera looking thing you put the circles into and clicked to view images..! If you had one for YOUR LIFE right now, what images would you see? I want to inspire people to wake up, break the routine, add realize that our life is just the collection of moments we choose to create ! What will your next #livmoment be..?
Throwback to my first day of Tee-Ball..! My very first "dream" was to grow up and be a professional baseball player. Dreams may change, but it's important to remember you were created for a reason and to never stop looking forward toward what is possible for your life. I'm curious, who remembers what there very first dream was..? #tbt #dream #focusforward #chasingpotential
Traveling is a great way to add variety and adventure to your life, and experiencing different places, people, and cultures definitely helps elevate perspective... However, I must say it always feels amazing to come home and get back to my morning routine. #home #sunrise #morningroutine #bestwaytostarttheday
Ciao from Catania! I believe that when it comes to life, we only have 1 of 2 ways to live it: by design, or by default. Be the author, grab a pen, and write your own story.
Inspired by these young entrepreneurs and the vision they have to make a real difference in their country. Catania... we have liftOFF!
Taking a quick moment between my speeches to enjoy the sunset here in Catania, Sicily. I always love coming to places for the first time... and this is one definitely worth adding to your #livlist! #Catania #Sicily
They made me a Blake Shake Cake! How sweet! LOL #sardinia #creativity #seewhatididthere
Spending the day in Sardinia with @fabiobollini @max_micheletti and a couple hundred of their amazing Italian Leaders. #sardinia #italy
Ciao la mia famiglia italiana!!! I'll be keynoting events tomorrow in Olbia (Sardinia) and Sunday in Catania (Sicily). I'm excited to meet everyone and share with you something special I've put together!
Wedding receptions are cool. Italy is cool. Castles from the 1300's are cool. Combine them all at once and you get a life experience level 10! Here's how to make an entrance... #Bracciano #italymakesmeforni #wedding #livlist
Some people visit the Vatican, others get married there! Big congratulations to Cam & Lauren Forni on a very special day here at St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. Here's to your next chapter together. #Vatican #wedding #italymakesmeforni @cameron_forni_cura
Good 'ol London Heathrow English Breakfast... where ham is bacon, beans are for breakfast, brown sauce works on everything, and the cappuccino is always better. #london #ramsay #romebound
Quick, which color potion would you drink..?!
The last 6 weeks on this planet have been crazy. From natural disasters, to human disasters, there can be a ton of mixed emotions. However, I believe the outcome of it all can only be 1 of 2 things: Divide people, or UNITE people... which do you choose? #obstacles #opportunities #unite
I can't believe I already have a 2 year-old..! You make my mornings earlier; you make my house messier; you make my dinners noisier; and you make it harder to go everywhere; yet somehow in all of that, you also make my life better and you make me a better person because of it. Happy Second Birthday Son, I love you. @greysonmallen
I believe our "life" is just the sum of all the experiences we choose to create. Here's my personal definition of a "life experience." Im curious, what is one that comes to mind for you? I'll go first... #life #experience #moment #liv
Been a reaalllyyyy long time since I put on the goggles. Felt an urge to get some laps in this morning. Maybe I'll get myself back in Triathlon shape soon... but first lets see if my body remembers how to swim ;)
When you think of the things you have done that made you feel most "alive" what comes to mind? What is on your list of things you still want to do? We all have a list. And there is so much more out there that we would add if we even knew they existed. Don't forget that the whole point of having a life... is to actually Liv it. #livlife
The only thing constant is change. It has and always will be this way. To be afraid or fight to resist it is like spending your life trying to swim up a waterfall. It will beat you down. Instead, embrace it. You might find that what's ahead of you is much better than what's behind. #change #adapt #evolve #grow #elevate #liv