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I don't think that I posted the video, only the picture... #EricaAndBeccaBJWT #SaveLions #blackjaguarwhitetiger
Lewito. Nothing like a Lewis hug... #BabyLewisBJWT #LewisPrideBJWT #SaveLions #blackjaguarwhitetiger
How cute....
Guys: I just posted a new 5 minute long HD video of Lovey playing with a ball on our YouTube channel. Trust me, it's the best video ever. The active link is on our bio, it will take you straight to our channel. Try to subscribe to our channel please, it'll be super epic. Trust me... Acabo de subir el mejor video de Lovecito jugando futbol a nuestro canal de YouTube. El link activo está en nuestro bio, denle click y los llevara en automático. Traten de seguirnos ahí por favor. Va a ser el mejor canal de YouTube... #ThinkBlue #BabyLoveBJWT #SaveLions #blackjaguarwhitetiger #ThinkBlue
Little Arnold playing with his reflection, Arizona going crazy with the water and Acapulco all the way in the back. I might return Acapulco to Julio's Pride... Arnoldito jugando con su reflejo, Arizona súper feliz en la lluvia y Acapulco de curioso atrás... #ThinkBlue #TheMiraclePrideBJWT #SaveLions #SaveTigers #blackjaguarwhitetiger #ThinkBlue
Lovecito when he started showing signs of weakness. He's wayyyy better now as you have seen... Lovey Dovey cuando empezó a mostrar problemas de debilidad. Ahorita ya está mucho mejor cómo han visto... #ThinkBlue #BabyLoveBJWT #SaveLions #blackjaguarwhitetiger #ThinkBlue
2 cracked ribs. Lesson of the day: Cheyenne always calls my bluffs... 2 costillas fisuradas por estar retando a la Cheyennnita. Es muy efusiva al saludarme JAJJA #BabyCheyenneBJWT #SaveLions #blackjaguarwhitetiger #PapaBearChronicles
WIN A TRIP TO BJWT :) Enter to win at Winner will receive ONE paid trip to The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. Winner announced on Facebook Live Saturday, September 9 2017. Winner can be from anywhere in the world, 18 years or older. Flight, hotel, dinners, Starbucks, transportation and two days at Stage 1 and 2/2B included. Also, you can invite one guest (At your own expense) if you feel like not coming alone. Thank you for your love and support to BJWT and good luck. More info at 
GANA UN VIAJE A BJWT Donando y obteniendo un boleto a @blackjaguarwhitetiger y concursa en una rifa para ganar un viaje a BJWT. El Ganador recibirá UN viaje todo pagado a BJWT (Un vuelo redondo, hotel, comidas, Starbucks y transporte incluido) para pasar 2 días en Stage 1, Stage 2 y Stage 2B. A su vez, si así lo prefieres, podrás invitar a un acompañante (Gasto de avion corre por TU cuenta). Gracias por tu Amor y Apoyo. El ganador se anunciara en FB Live el Sabado 9 de Septiembre del 2017. Mas info en
Little Jackal... Chacal... #SaveJaguarundis #ElJeroYElDiegoBJWT @cfe22
#Repost @eduardoserio Please don't follow me there if you are going to get offended by jokes... ・・・ Another one of Lovey running like Phoebe from Friends :) #ThinkBlue #BabyLoveBJWT #ThinkBlue
Current mood but with Chocolate and Hamburgers instead of Carrots. Who eats Carrots? They should be discontinued :) Vid by @lifeofharleythedog #blackjaguarwhitetiger
Love her eyes... Vid by @avec.possum
This post by @crimebydesign is exactly what's in my Heart, the reason why I never sleep. First, Karmita, Labai, Onix and Tianxia are looking at his father from Heaven. Second, besides my kids, the sharpshooters from Infinity are watching every single action that I do to see if they let me live or they kill me. Third, I owe it to my Planet and to my kids which are the most Sacred manifestation of Earth, and fourth, I owe it to all you that have given me your Trust. I told you that the only way for me to repay your Trust is through my actions, how can I personally thank millions of people? Impossible to answer to everyone, or to talk to you or send you a thank you message. There's only one of me on this side of the iPhone. So what I do is work super hard so that you know that you are not being taken advantage. First I take care of the kids and second, I block all haters, spammers and overall idiots in order to keep OUR space clean and in order. Plus, I post around 17 pictures and videos everyday. So these words from @crimebydesign are exactly what's in my Heart... #KarmisForever #PapaBearChronicles #blackjaguarwhitetiger #ThankYou #ThinkBlue