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What an incredible weekend celebrating #natoline with these legends
👌🏼Vineyard Views for #Natoline /// 🚁 co-pilot @acreeve12
Overviewing Hvar with @onemorepeter @grahamgarvie
Tel Aviv was 👌🏽 but had to Split
So sababa, TLV
Last month I had the opportunity to speak at TEDxSkoll about the Overview Effect and why this perspective is so vital (🌎🛰📸👌🏼). The talk was just posted on YouTube and I’d be honored if you gave it a view. Link is now up in bio!
Excited to say that I’ll be speaking at TEDxSkoll on April 7th at Oxford University. My talk will focus on the inspiration for Daily Overview, how it relates to the event’s focus on truth, and why this perspective is more important now than ever before. Tickets for the event are still available and you can learn more with the link below. I am humbled by this opportunity and can’t wait to see where this project will go next.
Right place, right time
Swell outlook this week in San Juan Del Sur / Co-pilot @katielandsman
@natgeo in the backyard pt. 2
@natgeo in the backyard
Big 🍎 🏢
#tbt to open roads, big skies, and seeing America first
To say that I'm humbled right now is an understatement. In these moments where our country is deeply divided, The New York Times just posted a piece to contemplate how the images in "Overview" may be just what we need (link in my profile). I hope that the work that I'm doing is not only something that can change our perspective, but is something that can bring us together, in good times or bad, so we can create a better future for our country, our species, and our planet.
My sincerest thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement that made yesterday’s launch of “Overview” such a special moment for me. If you pre-ordered your copy - like my niece, Avery - I hope you are enjoying it so far and would consider leaving a review on Amazon when you have a free moment. @dailyoverview started here with your belief that it was something worth following, and I am so excited to continue that adventure with you all.
Long way down. 🚁: @flynyon
LAst night