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Finally home. I always forget how much travel takes out of me. Looking forward to an evening of snuggles and naps. #homesweethome
Baby girl is enjoying her first weekend getaway with her nana and pappap. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from your life for a little while and be with family. ❤️ #rightnow #family #fmspad
Mermaid fluff and kitty dresses. ❤️ @itsystitches #fluffbutt #mermaid #kitty
Aoife has feelings about the baby’s crying. 😂😂 #allthenopes
I'm supposed to be the soldier, who never blows his composure even though I hold the weight of the whole world on my shoulders, I ain't ever supposed to show it.... #np #stepbystep
Brown sugar cinnamon latte. Cause it’s been a LONG day. #yum #coffee #momlife
It’s been the worst day. I got up excited to go spend the day with my nieces and then; food poisoning struck. I can’t remember the last time I had to pull over on the street to be sick. It was awful. I missed their whole day. 😞 But this little princess has been laying with me for hours. Sleeping, nursing, babbling to me like she knows I’m sick and need her comfort. Days like today I can’t thank God enough for the gift that is my daughter. #sickday #babyjustice
After almost a year of not being able to practice #yoga I’m finding it so frustrating pushing back into it. It’s disheartening when things that used to come so easily are now difficult for me to do. But I’m finding little moments to practice, learning how to balance myself again, and finding my new limits. #yogagirl #balance #nevergiveup
I think my neighbour is my soul mate. ❤️ #alltheamazon #mail #fmspad #tree
Getting a late start but I’ll give it a go. 😉 #fmspad
Don’t get much time for this lately but it was much needed today. ❤️ #yoga #namaste
Chicken schnitzel with roasted brussel sprouts, buttermilk ricotta and mashed potatoes. #yum #delish #dinner #food
Her face is my favorite. ❤️❤️ #smoosh
Planted the beautiful flowers my nieces brought me in the hospital in my front walk. They’re blooming today! @kate_is_fierce ❤️
If anyone needs some extra snuggles Fearghuis is available. Lol ever since his surgery he needs to be on me 24/7. 😂
It’s not Saturday but I’m gonna rock the lippy from @colourpopcosmetics anyway! #colourpop #saturday #rainyday
Coffee and planning. #planner #planneraddict #coffee