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Big buddha is watching you πŸ˜‰ Respect the rules of the Angkor Park and the culture behind the temples. πŸ“·
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Photo serie 1⃣/7⃣ πŸ“Œ Koh Rong Sanloem πŸ“· @twofacechin Paradise with my best friend. Before I came to Cambodia, I didn't know there was an island paradise waiting to be explored! When we found the island Koh Rong Sanloem, we did not want to leave! How lucky we were to watch the sun rise on one side of the island and later that day, hike to the other side of the island to watch the sun set! No one else I would have wanted to spend this unforgettable time with.
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Hot sand, warm air and a day without work. Tag two of your friends who really need some vaccation. πŸ“· @tianchad
πŸ”Ά Save up to 15% if you take a Tuk Tuk tour during the next 8 days πŸ”Ά Link in Bio Discounts on following tours: ❌ Tour in and around Siem Reap ❌ The hidden jungle Temple + Floating Village ❌ A day trip with waterfalls and more Send us a request through the website or a direct message in Instagram. ⏳ only limited places are available πŸ“· @my_travel_memoris
Monkey in front of Angkor Wat: Please show me your ticket! :D πŸ“· @rossofuoco94
Cambodia is hot and humid. Avoid getting a headache or dizziness caused by drinking to less water. Stay with one of our drivers and enjoy free water during your whole trip. (link in bio) πŸ“· @elliemzee
3,2,1 and go. Jumping into the ocean to refresh from the big heat πŸ“· @backpackingwolf
Built over a 1000 years ago and still one of the most amazing buildings of this world πŸ“· @thebeaconhiller
Take a moment to realize how awesome life really is! πŸ“· @tomdaglish
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In case it rains while you're in Siem Reap make sure to check out this street! πŸ“· @jaimipanoutsopoulos
Go on adventures with your friends to build a good friendship. Tag two of your friends :) πŸ“· @ariellebarokas
Breathtaking nature surrounds us human beings πŸ“· @linnygarcia
Photo serie 1⃣/7⃣ πŸ“Œ Beng Melea πŸ“· @homeiseverywhereiam I have been living in Siem Reap for almost 2 years, so I know Angkor temps by heart ! Beng Mealea is my favorite: not too crowded, you can really feel like the first adventurers who discovered this ancient city ! Nature truly reclaimed its rights !
Hidden entrance.... Visit the temples good prepared and take a different route than 95% of the other Tuk Tuk drivers. Stay with one of our drivers and get a free PDF. Including the Angkor rules, the ticket variations and historical facts. Link in Bio. πŸ“· @my_travel_memoirs
Relaxing afternoon with the mates and some beer. Tag two of your friends. πŸ‘‡ πŸ“· @pepesamson
Elephants are sensible animals which aren't made for riding them. While visiting a sanctuary always inform yourself how they treat their animals. πŸ“· @alixmduchene