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Even when not on the deck of a sailboat following Orca, Norway can be a pretty amazing place! Matt Ferraro is "warming up" topside while checking out the aurora!
Backscatter Cinematographer Matt Ferraro is seen here mounting his Canon 1DX Mk II in Nauticam housing on a DiveX Piranha scooter. This system was how he kept up with and captured footage of the beautiful orcas while sailing on the SY Barba in the fjords of Norway! How cool is that?! @barbaboat @canonusa @nauticamhousings
Never a dull moment when following pods of orca through the Norwegian fjords! Here is the view from the deck of the SY Barba ( @barbaboat) ripping it up last week, scouting for the next encounter!
It's nap time for Matt Ferraro in between free dives with the orcas of Norway. He recently completed another adventure with @barbaboat sailing the fjords searching for our black and white friends beneath the frigid waters.
Conditions were looking good in Monterey this morning, so Russ from Backscatter and Morgan from @breakwaterscuba got a CCR dive in just as the sun was coming up. We even spotted some dolphins from the shore just outside the kelp!
Here's Matt Ferraro "chilling out" before jumping in to swim with some Orca. This zodiac served as the staging platform for quick entry and exit to keep up with the pods of Orca in the fjords of Norway. Between the wind, cold wetsuit, and snow, it was sometimes warmer in the water than out! Many thanks to the folks at the helm of the @barbaboat for the awesome experience! Be sure to follow them for more exploration and adventure in the waters of Norway and beyond!
Someone found a new dive buddy! That's Backscatter cinematographer Matt Ferraro getting up close and personal with an Orca in the cold waters of Norway. He's been filming with the crew of the @barbaboat and it certainly looks like an amazing experience! Stay tuned for more and check out the SY Barba for their continued adventures!
Hallo, spekkhoger! That's how you greet a Norwegian Orca, in case you didn't know. Backscatter's Matt Ferraro is seen here freediving with these majestic apex predators from the deck of the SY Barba in the waters of Norway. Follow the adventure here and check out @barbaboat to see some amazing shots from their other adventures!
God morgen (or good morning) from the stern of the SY Barba! Backscatter's Matt Ferraro is looking cozy and ready to brave the frigid waters of Norway to hang out with some Orca. Be sure to check back for expedition updates and visit to learn more about the boat!
Anyone up for a little cold water dive?? This shot was taken from the deck of the SY Barba, currently host to Backscatter cinematographer Matt Ferraro on assignment in Norway. Stay tuned for more and check out for the story of this awesome sailboat!
The Tentacled Tower has risen! It must be DEMA time again! Come by booth 7193 and check out some great new gear! #demashow
Tanks? Check. Camera cases? Check. Boogie board? Double check. Backscatter staff Nick Donlou and Matt Ferraro are hitting the road south for a weekend of diving in the Channel Islands with @bradleyphotographic this weekend! Stay tuned for a field report, photos, and footage!
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Backscatter Resident Cinematographer Matt Ferraro introduces the rest of the crew to the Phantom Flex 4K High-Speed Camera, capable of shooting 1,000 frames per second in 4K!