05/12❤️ @asvp__ciscoo

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life"

"Said she never had a cisco night" #migos #iwasfuckedup #mexico #waytomuchtodrink #kellyprice
Never tripping off the past I would rather never mind em, cause only fools trip over something that be behind em.
Mexico has changed me lmao 🇲🇽
México has been a blessing 🇲🇽
Carti concert was wild🤘🏼 #fettionfettionfetti #cashcartihoe @playboicarti
Super fly I need a cape🤷🏽‍♂️
Malibu for The Weeknd was tight! #2k17summer
Summer late nights 📽 #theweeknd #2k17summer
Cliff jumping was hella fun! #2k17summer !
They wanna see you do good, but never better than them, remember that.
Beautiful day at the beach today! #2k17summer
Realist Niggas alive ! 💯 @ramendo3 @gvldenmxnd #ramiroiscomedy
Brothers since Day One💯
Best spring break vacation 🇲🇽
" I'm fully paid, got a young face when I'm fully shaved" #weaintworriedabout2morrow
Beautiful view of Vegas 📷
LA fair was Lit🏁