Ashima | 阿島

Ashima | 阿島 @ashimashiraishi

NYC. 16 yrs old . Pro Climber & Foodie. Snapchat👻: ashima403.

#wallsaremeantforclimbing 💛I have never felt as welcomed by a community as the way the climbing community has embraced me. I hope that other people get the chance to experience the same, no matter what their passion is💛 @thenorthface
#wallsaremeantforclimbing | @thenorthface collaborated with climbing gyms across the world for a global climbing day and donated $1 mil to @trustforpublicland to support the building of public climbing walls in the US. It was a pleasure to be at the event at @thecliffslic alongside @dawoods89 and @conrad_anker to help spread the message that walls are meant to be climbed.
Guarantee the wheels on my ride are bigger than yours. Skrtttt. @supremenewyork #stuntin
'And if you fall, stand tall and come back for more' ☄️ #2pac
コカコーラ東京2020キャンペーンスタート @cocacola_japan @cocacola | @aori_nsmr @kotone_nsmr @kosuke5890 #cocacola
Happy BDAY MATTYYY @foodbabyny lil bro is turning into a big boy!! 4!! I wish my bday parties were as dope as his🤑
@japanairlines_jal got me covered when I 🚀
⚡️AnRealAge ⚡️ ありがとう 森永邦彦さん
A GIANT poster of me is at a train station in Tokyo✨THANK YOU Kyorin for making this happen✨ #dreamscometrue
Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that falling/ failing is a huge part of success📍💭 Tackling our biggest challenges and fears makes us stronger and well-rounded. It's scary, but worth it. 🔆Thank you @hide9a2016 for coaching me here in Japan and helping me improve in my weak spots. It wouldn't have been possible without the sick gyms we visited @climbparkbasecamp @underground_bouldering_gym @basecamptokyo @pump2climbing
It's kinda hot here.🥞
Working hard on these amazing walls in Japan w coach @hide9a2016 Thank you! @basecamptokyo @stonerideryuji
🏆I am elated to announce that I was able to become the SCS Youth National Champion this past weekend🏆It was a pleasure to climb amongst the nation's best young rock climbers. The routesetters did an amazing job setting exciting climbs to challenge us all. Next stop 🛬 is Tokyo🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 | 📷: @mg_digital_artist | @thenorthface @evolvusa @petzl_official @clifbar @tudorwatch @cocacola @japanairlines_jal @nikonusa
FINALS GANG GANG🙏 #scsnationals 📷: @jgalla1
🔂circuits= ➕endurance . SCS Youth Nationals in 2 days! 📷: @joshlrsn
It's a humbling experience to be practicing a discipline of climbing that I am not well acquainted with. After a short period of training on the speed wall, I now understand the joy that speed climbers get out of it. Setting a personal record time is not the same feeling as sending a project but my respect for speed climbing has definitely increased. #stillslowtho 📷: @lukemuehring 's mom
🍦camo season 🍦
Lil Yachty's cousin came up to us and said my outfit was 🔥 haha
I almost cried when I thought that I would never be able to share these pieces of art by @jisookimcat 💧 The talent that Jisoo has with paper and pen is astounding 💜