Ashima | 阿島

Ashima | 阿島 @ashimashiraishi

NYC. 16 yrs old . Pro Climber & Foodie. Snapchat👻: ashima403.

@gq Honored to be chosen as one of the top 10 athletes of the future🙏🙏🙏 @paridukovic photo
⭐️such an exciting way to complete my very first senior World Cup experience⭐️quite happy with my climbing in Xiamen and got on my first senior World Cup podium😊 Competing in a small portion of the World Cup circuit has been amazing and I will cherish the memories and friends I've made along the way💓 📸: @rajiahsb , @shintaozawa , Dong Wei
Tokyo for a minute⏰. China now🚀
Apparently a lot of people have seen this video🔫. @worldsconection
I like how color coordinated I am with my surroundings. And that's not chalk on my pants, it's just the fabric design.👖
Went for a stroll and caught a show
The 6 minute time limit cost me in finals 😥 But, now I have confidence that I have what it takes to be at the 🔝. I felt much better climbing at this WC and cannot wait for the two upcoming comps in China next month. Going back to all of the school work I missed is gonna suck😪 pic: @kieranjduncan
I normally despise running unless it's for less than 3 seconds or up a wall. And don't laugh at my cute run, thx
📍Innsbruck, Austria. Another photogenic place on the map🗺 here are some moments from the little time spent not competing at Youth World's😂 #cloutgang #ywch2017
🏆I got another gold medal at the Youth World's🎉🎉🎉🎉 I'm so happy to have been able to maintain the top position after qualifiers, semis then finals. Incredibly proud and happy to have shared the podium with @brookeclimbs and @nolwennarc . I'm physically exhausted from the two weeks of consistent competition but I'm ready for the last day of Combined tomorrow. Wish me luck😘 | 📸: @wilhelmheiko
Tonight is finals for the lead portion of the Youth World Championships! Nervous and excited for the show💪 | @liebhabermoritz photo
So happy right now😍😍😍 I was able to defend my boulder Youth World Champion Title!!! Very happy with my climbing today in finals w 4 tops☝️ Congrats to @emelevaluiza for silver and @brookeclimbs for the bronze 👏 📷 @liebhabermoritz & @saag
⚫️Comps fill me with all kinds of emotions⚪️ 📍Youth World Championships (currently in 1st right now after bouldering qualifiers amongst the strongest A girls in the 🌎. Semis tmw!!!) photo: @matt.chapman.17
It was a surreal experience to climb in my first ever senior World Cup and final in Arco🇮🇹 I know I have much to learn and work on as a competition climber but I'm happy with my overall performance 😬 And amazing performance by @jain_jas3 in the finals! It was a great honor to speed/ sport climb in the legendary Arco Rock Master Duel following the WC. Next is the Youth World Championships in Innsbruck, AUT | 📷: @sytsevanslooten
#wallsaremeantforclimbing 💛I have never felt as welcomed by a community as the way the climbing community has embraced me. I hope that other people get the chance to experience the same, no matter what their passion is💛 @thenorthface
#wallsaremeantforclimbing | @thenorthface collaborated with climbing gyms across the world for a global climbing day and donated $1 mil to @trustforpublicland to support the building of public climbing walls in the US. It was a pleasure to be at the event at @thecliffslic alongside @dawoods89 and @conrad_anker to help spread the message that walls are meant to be climbed.
Guarantee the wheels on my ride are bigger than yours. Skrtttt. @supremenewyork #stuntin
'And if you fall, stand tall and come back for more' ☄️ #2pac