ASHA @ashabrom

Pussycat ✨😻 🎀

My love. @yekinni 😍
Bringing all the boys to the yard. Tonight at 8pm on the CW. #riverdale @iamamurray @madelame
But thinking back on how they treated me my high school reunion might be worth an appearance
@cosmopolitan imagined us as Disney characters and I am here. For. It. πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜»
Annnnnd on that note- Riverdale returns TONIGHT AT 8!! @mintymido 😍
Tonight is #Riverdale premiere night!! I wrote a piece for @flaremag about my Journey to Riverdale. For all my fellow dreamers and believers, the link is in my bio ✨😻
The face I make when someone tells me I gotta wait another day for the Riverdale premiere!! Thank u beautiful angels for 100k! I'm so grateful to have such incredible souls support my journey. More to come ✨
2 Days until the premiere! Who's excited? 😻
Moments like these are the ones that fuel me and give me purpose. I do what I do to show others that they are worthy and capable of anything they set their mind to. There is nothing you can not do, or can not have. Believe in all that you are and watch the magic of your life unfold ✨
8 Days till school is in session. #Riverdale
Swimming with da fishies 🐠🐟
Rocking my afro-crown, swimming with turtles and drowning in Mai Tais. Falling in love with all that I am more and more everyday. Captured by the love of my life @yekinni.
Pineapple diet Maui style 🍍✨
Groovy πŸ•ΊπŸΎπŸ•ΊπŸΎ
Less than a month away. #SZN2
Miss u @yekinni
I'm so overwhelmed when people take the time out to draw/paint me. It's one of the most humbling, mind-blowing things and I respect it so damn much. Thank you @sonalin for this INCREDIBLE painting. I'm so honoured and grateful. ❀️✨
It's not Thursday but I'm throwing it back... My song White Honda was one of my proudest moments. Written alongside @black.x.wyte, it told the story of my experience with young love and heartbreak in a beautiful city I'm grateful to call home. Who's excited for some new music? I got some goodies on the way πŸ€— head to my YouTube for the rest! Xo