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What a day! With two Humpbacks playing around our boat the whole time!! 🐳 It has been such a privilege working with @whalesafari this season and becoming a part of this epic family! It's not often where you meet a team of people that are so passionate about what they do. If you're ever in Reykjavík and want to experience this for yourself, GO check them out 😍 #Iceland #LoveLove
That stressful moment where you need to venture across the river by car! Luckily @ivareythorsson is a calm guy! I can't say the same thing about @alex_michael_green 😆 #Iceland
New York you've been too good! 🗽 With @ingajonasdottir ♦️
Having a big crush on this fluffy fox 🙈 We found a few of them running around at the highlands! Thank you for the stay @volcanohuts #Iceland
Meet Steffy! One of my favorite humans 🙌🏻 she drags me to the beach, chasing storms in flip flops! #Iceland @steffygunnars
Waterfall hangs after midnight! ➰ Do you spot the face? #Iceland
From Iceland to Paris 🇫🇷
Draw me like one of your French girls! #Iceland
Stay with me and watch the sunset 💛 Romantic evenings with @ingajonasdottir !
This weekend was spent at a private island in the glacial river Þjórsá. We met up with Hákon the only inhabitant of Traustholtshólmi island and his sheepdog Skuggi or "Shadow". He took us on a small boat ride to the island where few of his Mongolian luxury Yurt tents were waiting for us. As the evening approached Hákon caught salmon in the river and served fresh sashimi on the river bank. This has truly been a weekend filled with laughter, great friendship, bonfire and delicious food. Thank you for the hospitality Hákon! Make sure you check out @traustholtsholmi if you want a unique glamping experience in Iceland 😍 Photo by: @brynjadan ❤️ #Iceland #glamping
Phaffins!!! 😱🐧 Sorry, I just can't get enough of looking at those goofy fellas...Me and @ingajonasdottir had a wonderful evening lying down, watching the sunset and those guys roaming all around us! ❤️
We didn't need sleep, because the nights looked like this 〰 @siglohotel #Iceland
Life was meant for good friends and great adventures...mixed with volcanic sand fields! #Iceland Thank you for an epic roadtrip @hl.adventure and @travel6degrees !
Island life ➰ #Iceland @66north
Let's hit the road! 🙏🏻 #Iceland
The CUTEST Puffin-squad in town 🐧 #Iceland
What a golden weekend! 🎉 Once a year, 16.000 Icelanders gather together on this island for a festival! Celebrating together for 4 days, with boat rides, music, fireworks and views like this💃🏼
Glacier Lagoon ✖️03:45 am with @66north
Around the circle of Iceland in 5 days! This journey has been one of a kind! On the way east, we ran out of gas (twice!), luckily the local farmers are always ready to help. After driving to the opposite side of the country we arrived at Bræðslan music festival. The first night was great, the morning after a storm came in and flooded the festival area. 😂 Soaking wet and dirty we decided to flee further up North. On the way we forgot our money wallet at the roof of the car. With no money left we walked through few grass fields looking for it, luckily we found it! Loads of laughter, few panic attacks, beautiful views and great company! Thank you @minkcampers and @nyherji ! Until next adventure @steffygunnars @ingajonasdottir @kollayr @alexmg1 @ivareythorsson @kristinice @elisask ❤️ #Iceland
Foggy day in the capital 🔸 #Iceland With: @whalesafari