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The Vixens are looking for new members - are you in? Pre-order BETTY & VERONICA: VIXENS #1 with your comic shop by Monday or visit our website to get a subscription!
Looking for Smithers? You'll find him and plenty of others in the ARCHIE 1000 PAGE COMICS FESTIVAL, out next week!
Anybody else having a burger today?
It's a B&V Team-Up on this #Riverdale variant cover by Ashley M. Witter, available exclusively from Legends Comics and Games!
JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER #1 is out next week! Jughead Jones is an average (though endlessly hungry) teenage boy by day and a blood-thirsty werewolf by night. His latest victim in a spree of deadly attacks is longtime foe Reggie Mantle – after which Jughead left Riverdale without a trace. Now Betty Cooper: Werewolf Hunter and Jughead’s best friend Archie Andrews are hot on Jughead’s trail, but how many more lives will be sacrificed before they find him? On October 25th, join writer Frank Tieri (Wolverine) and artists Pat and Tim Kennedy (DEATH OF ARCHIE) for the terrifying first issue of the new JUGHEAD: THE HUNGER series!
Lots of easter eggs, callbacks to the comics, and surprises in tonight's #Riverdale! Watch it live at 8/7c on The CW and tweet with us!
Don't cross Hermione Lodge. #Riverdale is new tonight at 8/7c on The CW!
Get ready for more Reggie Mantle on #Riverdale! Charles Melton is turning up the heat and the trouble. Tune in tonight at 8/7c on The CW!
It's #NewComicBookDay! Here's what you can look forward to seeing at your local comic shop today: In #Riverdale #7, Dilton Doiley has always been a little…borderline, but when his science teacher tells the class about an astronomical event they’ll be observing, Dilton’s worst fears are confirmed—the end of the world is nigh! As he takes drastic steps to prepare, Jughead is caught in a dilemma—should he humor Dilton or try to stop him? And what if Dilton’s right…? Plus, get ready for a BRAND NEW DIGEST SERIES! In “Sick Day,” everyone’s caught the flu that’s been going around, except for Jughead. He decides to help out the Andrews family—but his unconventional methods don’t go over too well! ARCHIE AND ME COMICS DIGEST #1 launches today at your local comic shop!
Who will be the Black Hood's next victim? #Riverdale is all new tomorrow night at 8/7c on The CW!
We just revealed the cover to BETTY & VERONICA: VIXENS #3! Are you ready to take a ride with B&V when the new series launches on November 15th?
#Riverdale is changing and Archie's struggling to adapt. Catch an all-new episode Wednesday night at 8/7c on The CW!
When you finish watching a new episode of #Riverdale and have it all figured out.
The Archies have piled into a battered van and hit the road— but going on tour isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as the kids face money problems, dead-end gigs and cabin fever. Can they power through the tough stuff to make some great music? Or will they go broke and make a U-turn for home? Perhaps some musical inspiration from fellow bands will get them back on their feet! PLUS: a special guest appearance by CHVRCHES! On November 8th, join the writing team of Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg (ARCHIE MEETS RAMONES), artist Joe Eisma (ARCHIE) and colorist Matt Herms (THE ARCHIES ONE-SHOT) for the second issue of the brand new rockin’ series that goes loud on the music, fun and friendship. Pre-order your copy today from your local comic book shop or order online from the Archie Comics Shop!
Just keep smiling. #Riverdale is all-new this Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW!
The next RIVERDALE comic book issue features @colesprouse on the cover! Look for it in comic shops and on newsstands beginning 10/18!
The weekend is almost here... and so is a new digest series! Look for ARCHIE AND ME COMICS DIGEST #1 in grocery stores & comic shops starting next week!
Betty Cooper is the heart of Riverdale for a reason. The next can't-miss issue of ARCHIE arrives in comic shops and on the Archie App on 11/1! Variant cover by @heyjenbartel
B&V are back! Stream the first episode of #Riverdale Season 2 now on The CW App!
A phone call changes everything in #Riverdale. Read the OVER THE EDGE storyline in ARCHIE VOL 4 for more drama! Get it wherever books are sold and on the Archie App!