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The official page for ANNE, the highly anticipated new dramatic television series from Netflix and CBC.

#AnneTheSeries would not be what it is without the wonderful work from our costume designer, @dixon_anne. --- #Repost from @dixon_anne
Everyone's favourite farmhand! #Repost @aymericjett with @repostapp ・・・ Thank you to everyone for your support !!! It means the world to me!!!! 😍😍😍 #jerrybaynard #aymericjettmontaz #annewithane #annetheseries
Fun fact: #annewithane showrunner @moirawalleybeckett is not only an amazing writer, but she's a pretty darn good photographer, too. What a capture!
Tag someone you want to invite to tea! Raspberry cordial/sherry optional 😘
Schoolyards and big skies. 📸 @liapappaskemps
#annewithane is officially on Netflix! Join us as we delve deeper into this beautiful story. Photo credit: @moirawalleybeckett.
You sure are. Our star @amybethmcnulty and our showrunner @moirawalleybeckett taking some down time in between promo work in the Big Apple. #annewithane debuts on @netflix MAY 12!
Photo from our panel in Ottawa last week! Check out our story and stay tuned to this page as @amybethmcnulty is currently in New York City to promote #annewithane on Netflix. Lots of fun photos and stories and info coming your way soon!
The lovely and talented @amybethmcnulty is back to take over our Instagram story for the next few days! She's doing some amazing promo work in Ottawa, so be sure to follow along. We believe she's just about to visit a school - can't wait for those updates! Thanks for bringing us along AB 😘
One of these things is not like the others... . A quiet moment for @dalilabela01 captured BTS. . Don't forget to catch the season finale of ANNE on @cbc tonight, 8PM EST!
@amybethmcnulty as ANNE, photographed for the New York Times near Donegal, Ireland - but it well could have been the muted tones and rolling hills of PEI.
Have questions about #annetheseries? Leave them in the comments below for @amybethmcnulty's bi-weekly #askanne update! We post the videos to our Facebook page so make sure to follow us there, too!
Did you catch Episode 5 tonight? What did you think? Can *you* spell engagement?
Food plays a big part in #annetheseries: community meals, simple suppers, snacks shared with milkmen. Did you know that all the food on set was real? Yep, all of it was totally edible, fresh-baked or prepared, and somehow spared the wildly voracious appetites of a busy TV crew. Props (ha!) to our props department for these delectable decorations.
Artwork by @bradrkunkle for our opening credits, brought to life with the vision and direction of @ohmagicohwonder and @imaginary_forces_. It really is spectacular, all of it. If you haven't seen it yet, head over to our Facebook page, and also check out the new @artofthetitle feature on our very special title sequence. Photo by @bradrkunkle 🎨
Have a question about #annetheseries? Use #AskAnne and comment on this post. Your query may be answered by the one and only @amybethmcnulty in one of her weekly video updates! You have until Wednesday, April 5th at midnight EST to get your questions in. And check us out in Facebook for the last installment, where Amybeth talked about the scenes she found most difficult, what it was like to work with Geraldine James, and what she would change about Anne (if anything).
We know it's April, but we went back-to-school on last night's episode of ANNE and introduced you to a whole bunch of new characters. The world of ANNE is ever-expanding - we hope you love exploring it with us!