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When the savage, baffling, senseless hatred in others leaves us without words, we can and must still scream "LOVE!!!" My prayers and full support go to those who feel personally threatened and targeted by these terrorists.  I stand with you. Love will win. I can't believe how long it's taking, but love will win. Peace x #charlottesville Artist @cleowade
Happy Birthday Princess (Thanks Garry) #sweetsixteen #mia4evah
For the record, if someone is brave and selfless enough to risk their life for you, for your safety and liberty, the appropriate response should be "Thank you" not "Get out". Totally unsurprised and massively shamed by our current administration's lack of compassion and vision in general, and on the issue of trans people in the military specifically. Call me a liberal Hollyweird snowflake, whatever, I don't care- the way forward is not backwards. This is not what freedom looks like. #makingamericasmallmindedagain
this #wcw is all about @ArianaGrande and how much heart, grit, and strength she showed by putting on this amazing concert. Very proud to be a fan AG!! #onelovemanchester #manchester
Before the beginning of this week, Before the end of this week, I want to thank All those Lives Lived Imperfectly, Full of the Exquisite Ache that Comes with Being human, Who do not Resort to Ending Another's Life To make An ancient point. - Please remember That we, Who handle our fear Imperfectly (Hallelujah!) And still Hold The sacred At a level Which drops Down deep Enough And flies Up high Enough To arc And meet itself In a circle, We outnumber Them Forever. - (Image by Lily A. Seidel)
Congratulations to @nachofigueras and @delfinablaquier on ten years of the @VeuveClicquot Polo Classic! We're sorry we can't be there in person, but we are so proud of you and all you have accomplished!!! Have a beautiful day xx #VCPC10
Things I know: 1) @jessicachastain has never had a bad hair day in her life. 2) She has a magical ability to choose flattering and rad sunglasses. 3) SHE'S RIGHT!!! Support @gal_gadot, #pattyjenkins and #wonderwoman this weekend so that Hollywood folks will feel confident backing movies that center around women!!! Buy a ticket, change the world. #catwomansupportswonderwoman
Thank you to @MikeBloomberg and all who are pushing back against the current administration's shameful and shocking abandonment of the Paris Accord. We no longer have a choice- Every Day is Earth Day #resist #notagame
Dearest JD, In this moment when words fail me, I am so grateful to the light which lets me see you everywhere, in everything. Thank you for cracking open the heart which is now breaking (it's always worth it). My favorite rebel angel... I love you forever. See you later x
@GLSENofficial Day of Silence is the largest student-led national event in protest of anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools. On Friday, April 21, hundreds of thousands of students will take a vow of silence in an effort to illustrate the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on LGBTQ students.
@BravoAndy's so great, but it's all about @sherylcrow x #WWHL
Sweet! @bravowwhl
Two skirts in one. Boom. Second hand @StellaMcCartney, vintage @YSL blouse from the 70s - thanks @pennylovellstylist!
My car nap is not going well... but isn't @pennylovellstylist's coat fabulous? @sheiscolossal
In this moment of turmoil and violence in so many places, let us pray for #theworld #wesharethesky
Colossal is in theaters now, NY and LA! Link in bio. @sheiscolossal
Hey guys, #Syria & #Stockholm's situations are unfathomable. Keeping you all (I mean all, the whole world, the same sky, sweet Lord) in my thoughts and prayers this weekend. Please be good to others and yourselves. And please let us never stop believing in the possibility of peace x #prayfortheworld
One of my favorite interviews ever with one of my favorite people ever ( @JacobyJuice, you were there too- ha!). Thank you to the #JalenAndJacoby Show for having me on! Be sure to listen to us divide the world into "soft moves" and "boss moves" and talk about @sheiscolossal (naturally). Peace! #JalenRose
We came, we drank, we conquered (well Jason charmed the audience while I tried hard not to creep @theellenshow out with my eternal, undying devotion and love). Also, Guesstures! Episode airs today! x
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