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Happy Monday- go get it x (Unfortunately can't link to song, but check it out on my FB page!)
We are all on a journey. Anger is a depot; by all means, get off if you need to and do what you gotta. Just remember, this train is heading towards peace. via @lovebuttonorg
As much as the avalanche of sick, heart breaking, soul chilling accounts from the past week have filled me with horror, the response to the bravery of the women who have come forward has filled me with hope that this type of behavior, this line of energy, will not be tolerated in the future. In standing up and making themselves heard, these unbelievably courageous women have allowed us all to take a necessary step toward a less violent, safer, and more empowered world for our daughters. And for our sons. I pray for the healing and recovery of all. Artist: @dellyrose
The trouble with waiting to have this conversation until moments like this is that then we are attempting to communicate from our rawest, most frightened, angriest place. The trouble with not having conversations in moments like this is that we don't have them. This conversation surrounding this issue- which causes heightened emotion on both sides- has been set and dictated by the gun lobby (who don't care about guns or safety or mental health or us.) I want to see us take back the conversation from those seeking to profit from our understandable fear. We can find common ground and stand on it together. I'll go first: I respect your right as a gun owner and am not trying to take it away. What I'm hoping you will say back: I find the trend of mass shootings involving semi-automatic and automatic rifles disturbing and I support gun control which seeks a common sense solution. Next: we call our representatives and give them the support they need to stand up to the gun lobby; we take this first step to making ourselves safer together. We can protect each other with something other than bullets. I am happy to hear your suggestions, but only if they involve change- I refuse to give complacency the dignity of calling it "insanity". What is your suggestion for #change? Please consider that the angriest commentators here may not be real people and, in the light of that possibility, choose whether you want to spend your energy getting angry back at them or if you might instead pick up the phone and call your elected representative. #prayingforpolicychange #prayingforvegas
Important work being done at the UN today (well, everyday). Also, welcome to Instagram @enyamayaro!! Repost @enyamayaro. ・・・ #UNGA2017- Live from @unitednations #ECOSOC Chambers for high level launch of the 'Equal Pay International Coalition,' hosted by #UNWomen #InternationalLabourOrganization & #OECD

Worldwide, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. As a result, there’s a lifetime of income inequality between men and women and more women are retiring into poverty. See what #UNWomen is doing to change that: 
 #equalpay #equalpayforequalwork #UNGA #BTS @oecdpics #unitednationsgeneralassembly #HeForShe
Hope is alive #neverforget
One man turned a barren landscape into a forest over 39 years, one seed at a time. You can't control what happens to you, but you can spend your life planting seeds of love or hate, peace or anger, hope or cynicism, complacency or change. I hope you plant a beautiful forest. Hippie Snowflake out! Peace x link in my bio
When the savage, baffling, senseless hatred in others leaves us without words, we can and must still scream "LOVE!!!" My prayers and full support go to those who feel personally threatened and targeted by these terrorists.  I stand with you. Love will win. I can't believe how long it's taking, but love will win. Peace x #charlottesville Artist @cleowade
Happy Birthday Princess (Thanks Garry) #sweetsixteen #mia4evah
For the record, if someone is brave and selfless enough to risk their life for you, for your safety and liberty, the appropriate response should be "Thank you" not "Get out". Totally unsurprised and massively shamed by our current administration's lack of compassion and vision in general, and on the issue of trans people in the military specifically. Call me a liberal Hollyweird snowflake, whatever, I don't care- the way forward is not backwards. This is not what freedom looks like. #makingamericasmallmindedagain
this #wcw is all about @ArianaGrande and how much heart, grit, and strength she showed by putting on this amazing concert. Very proud to be a fan AG!! #onelovemanchester #manchester
Before the beginning of this week, Before the end of this week, I want to thank All those Lives Lived Imperfectly, Full of the Exquisite Ache that Comes with Being human, Who do not Resort to Ending Another's Life To make An ancient point. - Please remember That we, Who handle our fear Imperfectly (Hallelujah!) And still Hold The sacred At a level Which drops Down deep Enough And flies Up high Enough To arc And meet itself In a circle, We outnumber Them Forever. - (Image by Lily A. Seidel)
Congratulations to @nachofigueras and @delfinablaquier on ten years of the @VeuveClicquot Polo Classic! We're sorry we can't be there in person, but we are so proud of you and all you have accomplished!!! Have a beautiful day xx #VCPC10
Things I know: 1) @jessicachastain has never had a bad hair day in her life. 2) She has a magical ability to choose flattering and rad sunglasses. 3) SHE'S RIGHT!!! Support @gal_gadot, #pattyjenkins and #wonderwoman this weekend so that Hollywood folks will feel confident backing movies that center around women!!! Buy a ticket, change the world. #catwomansupportswonderwoman
Thank you to @MikeBloomberg and all who are pushing back against the current administration's shameful and shocking abandonment of the Paris Accord. We no longer have a choice- Every Day is Earth Day #resist #notagame
Dearest JD, In this moment when words fail me, I am so grateful to the light which lets me see you everywhere, in everything. Thank you for cracking open the heart which is now breaking (it's always worth it). My favorite rebel angel... I love you forever. See you later x
@GLSENofficial Day of Silence is the largest student-led national event in protest of anti-LGBTQ bullying in schools. On Friday, April 21, hundreds of thousands of students will take a vow of silence in an effort to illustrate the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on LGBTQ students.
@BravoAndy's so great, but it's all about @sherylcrow x #WWHL
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