Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick @annakendrick47

Hashtag sunset fucking hoes dot gov
My best self is snapchat mainstream-goth-lite-bitch
Please do not feed the animals.
Hiding from the sun in style ☂️🏖⛱☂️🏖⛱🤘🏻
It's hard.
Those friends that wait for you to dive into the selfie at the last second. 🇲🇽
Sometimes I wish I was Like Mar-i-ella
The addiction is so full on #GirlsGirlsGirls #postproductionhangs
Great minds think alike. Amazing minds do a 90's-white-boy-hip-hop-album-cover pose. #NotPlanned #Twinsies 👯💋👀
I get to go home soon.... they keep promising..... if I'm very good... #nightshoots