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Perfectly imperfect. - Sometimes you'll have to start again from 0. Look at your self at the mirror & have the courage and strength to keep going no matter what. Sometimes you are not going to be motivated and feeling the best way but keep in mind there are million of people with problems. Million of people working for their goals and their dreams in worst conditions than you. Million of people that would give EVERYTHING for your life. SMILE no matter what situation you're in and work everyday for the things you love and want. LOVE so hard that your heart feels it's going to explote! Everybody has their bad days even their bad weeks but God has you here for a reason. You have a mission!!! believe and trust in him because your purpose is bigger than what you think! Ps. I know I wrote with a lot of mistakes but Spanish is my native language. I just wanted to reach more people & motivate them to keep going & dreaming! Thank you from the button of my heart to every person that follows me & supports everyday 🙏🏻💘 GOD BLESS YOU TODAY & everyday!! 🙏🏻💘 - 🌸anllelasagra.net -
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