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something i wanted to say, but lost desire to
POOMPKIN PATCH!!!! any guesses of what i carved mine into? ill post a photo on snapchat when it gets darker outside so u can see it all lit up :) make sure u have me added!! andwizzle 🎃
and the space buns make a return
happy bday baby ⭐️
i'm trying really hard to accept myself for who i am. i'm trying to accept my mistakes as learning lessons and im trying understand that sometimes bad things have to happen in order for the good things to fall into place. self love and acceptance isn't easy but isn't to be ignored. i dislike a lot about myself, but i like that i'm willing to acknowledge that i have some work to do, and i like that i'm determined to work on the things that need worked on. sometimes u need a little guiding to find peace. but one way or another u will get there and u will feel at peace and content with who you are. and i think knowing that is what makes the bad days not so bad. does any of this make sense??
serving ariana grande focus LEWKS!
when the hard work finally start paying off and u see results 🙏🏼😭💪🏼 thank u @mackfit for always forcing me to push harder when all i wanna do is sleep 🤓
i could not possibly look anymore out of place in the middle of a field in a band tee. thanks for capturing this magical moment @annarussett 😘
thx for letting me borrow ur shirt and then taking cool pics of me in it @annarussett ur a real one
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i don't know what to caption this i don't know what to caption anything anymore i'm having a midlife crisis WHO AM I
hello it is me, your family friendly pal, andwea. i am in need of some new hair ideas. do i chop it? do i go pink? black? blonde? help a sister out in the comments pweaseeeee 💇🏽
ooooo yeah @jazminwhitley makes me feel so fashionable and @mackfit keeps me in SHAPEEEEE. god bless these humans.
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september 7th.... popsockets comin yo way. get ready.
haven't straightened my hair in forever 🤓 i filmed a video for u guys today!!!! gonna try to get it up tomorrow morning 😛❤️
#vmas ❤️👑
feeling like a disney princess at this years #vmas ❤️ i have the best stylist in the world @jazminwhitley