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Amybeth McNulty @amybethmcnulty

15 'Anne with an E' is now on Netflix!

Sunset swimming✨
Snowy shooting days with gilly boy.
She stole my candle :(
I wasn't posing what are you talking about.
He's so great💛
Three musketeers.
He has more freckles than me
Doc martins, creating friendships since 1960.
I got new shoes .... I'm a little obsessed :)
Conor get down.
Daisy ... can you please stop sniffing the dog.
Are you sure your fingers aren't covering the lens?
10 years of friendship with this remarkable girl whom I am lucky to call my friend. Thanks for sticking around, HAPPY BIRTHDAY🌞🌈
I miss them, not the weather🌨☃️ Come to Ireland?
Fairy lights make me happy.
Pink to make the boys wink? Nah.. I bought these for myself
Same outfit, different night💛
I'm laughing but her pun wasn't even that youuu
Thank you thank you thank you
2 concerts 2 trips to Dublin 3 days 4 donuts 9 people 16 hours in a vehicle Ready for an insane couple days.