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15 'Anne with an E' is now on Netflix! Season 2 in 2018

My theme may have only lasted 2 weeks.. but at least I tried.
Happy birthday Kyla!! I can't wait to see you again you talented angel💗
Happy 17th Mary!! :) We still need to plan our two woman show..
The first costume I ever wore as Anne Shirley. To now be returning as Anne Shirley-Cuthbert is a surreal feeling, but I'm excited for everyone to see her again. To watch her continue to learn about the world, of family and love and care.. and to watch her get into even more trouble! - - I promise you all to work very hard and bring her back even better than before xx #annewithane
Bye Ireland✌🏻
Ba bye babes
Happy sweet 16 to these beautiful spirits. I'm so lucky to have you both in my life, thanks for sticking around.
Almost time to go back
How are we all? If you need to rant feel free, this is a safe space. I love you xx
Hi my name's amybeth, I'm self conscious of my sticky out ears but I'm working on it!
A foggy morning. - With a blanket draped over my legs and a cup of coffee warming my hands. I'm sitting in an unsteady blue chair looking at the foggiest sky I've seen for a long time while hearing the creak of my chair and the sea below us. - - I'm with one of my best friends. We talk of recent memories and how we're both feeling, We sing songs with croaky morning voices accompanied by my dreadful strumming on a ukulele. - - There was a moment here, when I had finished a sip of coffee that I looked at my friend and realized how much I knew about her and how much she knew about me. Thinking of what we had been through and experienced together. I knew I'd forget some of these mornings with the fog one day and it saddened me to think I would not remember everything I'd experienced with her. At least I knew I'd remember this moment.
'You look beautiful amybeth! You look like an elephant' Thank you for such a beautiful joyful time, I didn't stop smiling all day.
Thank you for such a beautiful day🏳️‍🌈💛
We can yoga
Beauty (and she's grace)
I take my job very seriously...taking advantage of the free food available.
I posted this on twitter and no one responded, thanks guys. (Jk thanks for the caption idea though)