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15 Hufflepuff Lil red head in 'Anne with an E' for Netflix!

Same outfit, different night💛
I'm laughing but her pun wasn't even that youuu
Thank you thank you thank you
2 concerts 2 trips to Dublin 3 days 4 donuts 9 people 16 hours in a vehicle Ready for an insane couple days.
Tea and coffee @ 10pm Edit; it was only coffee and it was around 2pm... don't believe everything you read kids.
I look weird in this but she looks beautifully & that's all that matters
Wave your hands in the air like you just don't care (about how much I'm posting..)
Eggs are not vegetables @marynighallachoir
Glowing eyes... good luck tonight boys, you are going to be unreal💛
Truly my favourite person on this earth, who's always there for me with love and kindness and support... Trevor, the cactus💛 (also Conor but ya know)
You how that indescribable feeling of happiness..yup that's rose🌼
Trying to find my comedic captions...
Get you some friends who will take photographs like this💛
Remember that day the orange is the new black cast was sitting across from me... cause it's all kind of a blur to me..
I can't believe the incredible support from all of you so far! Thank you so much, and I am so glad you are all enjoying the show💛 Ps; happy birthday to my darling Angel x
Anne With An E is officially on Netflix! I hope you all enjoy the emotional roller coaster...💛 ft my Anne hoodie😉
I'm having the most overwhelmingly beautiful time in New York...
Spectacles & Airports...
What an overwhelmingly stunning evening! I don't think I can ever truly express my gratitude towards the cast, crew, press and of course the audience to full extent, but thank you. #annetheseries
Hello there Ottawa🇨🇦