Amy Powell

Amy Powell @amy.lynn.powell

Artist based in Dayton, Ohio | iPhone pictures

#repost @echosight --- The lovely @martaiwanek and I are mashing up photos this week in a playful collaboration that has helped me to see some light in an otherwise dark and murky time. Thanks to @dzalcman for the invitation. It's been a lot of fun fusing our pictures together and discovering overlapping themes I didn't realize we had. 💕🌈 For more, follow along @echosight.
I think I stumbled upon a photo club.
I'm not sure the trash can consented to this.
My heart just about melted watching these two.
The smoke was so bad I thought I might have an asthma attack. But it was pretty?
Walks with the girl @lucielovestrash
My dog is a crazed lunatic. @lucielovestrash
Theme Park Dad @cedarpoint