Amy Powell

Amy Powell @amy.lynn.powell

Artist based in Dayton, Ohio | iPhone only📱

Happy 22nd birthday to this baby brother @tattoosbyap of mine. (I think I took this picture when I was 22!) He is an AMAZING tattoo artist in Columbus - so proud of him! #film #mediumformat
my girl
Mom and her identical twin sister decided to show me what life was like inside the womb.
Maddie McGarvey ( @maddiemcgarvey) is an amazing photographer 🙌🏼. I love being friends with people who are incredibly good at what they do and challenge me. There’s so much to learn from this woman. And just look at this picture she took of me looking all pretty and stuff. Thanks, Maddie!
2 little humans
Signing off and making our final post on @echosight - head on over there and check it out! It was lots of fun mashing pictures together with @martaiwanek. Thanks so much to @dzalcman for the invitation. We had a blast doing it!
#repost @echosight --- The lovely @martaiwanek and I are mashing up photos this week in a playful collaboration that has helped me to see some light in an otherwise dark and murky time. Thanks to @dzalcman for the invitation. We've enjoyed fusing our pictures together and discovering overlapping themes we didn't realize we had. 💕🌈 For more, follow along @echosight.
I think I stumbled upon a photo club.
I'm not sure the trash can consented to this.
My heart just about melted watching these two.
The smoke was so bad I thought I might have an asthma attack. But it was pretty?