Amy Powell

Amy Powell @amy.lynn.powell

Artist based in Dayton, Ohio | iPhone pictures

Walks with the girl @lucielovesrltrash
My dog is a crazed lunatic. @lucielovestrash
Theme Park Dad @cedarpoint
Beautiful summer storm just rolled through. And I'm a sucker for rainbows. 🌈⛈
About to hop on a roller coaster with these two.
Camel selfie. 🐪🤳
No wait on any rides today at Cedar Point! 🎢
Mom's room
The music was actually playing. I did not add it myself.
The End.
Sometimes we have to laugh about our jobs as teachers. I often catch myself wanting to tell random people to take their hats off, put their phones away, and spit their gum out. Then I have to remind myself I'm not at work. Be warned, next time I see you and you're using that potty mouth, I might ask you to please use professional language. #staffmeeting #highschoolteacher #kids
One mighty plant. 🌵
Toronto was cold and rainy, but not with friends and not here.