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I envy those three year olds that look absolutely insane while using their imaginations as they play in public . They aren't thinking about what others think of them , instead they are focused on doing what they want to do to make themselves happy and have fun. We tend to forget this way of living as we go to school and grow up more. Let's sometimes free ourselves from the restrictions of judgment by others and go back to not giving a damn. Find moments to Be wild. Be open minded. Be spontaneous. Be free. Be happy. Just be you booboo ❤️ C👌🏼
I take Crazy as a compliment 👑😜 C👌🏼 photo by: @dumangalleryLA #AmandaCerny
I cannot thank you enough @paulmarciano🙏🏼 . I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of the Guess family❤️👑Excited to announce that I have a New campaign coming out soon with @guess !!! I feel like a little girl on Christmas morning 😆☺️Be sure to comment on his recent post and show him how #TeamCerny is the best!
Let me be your tour guide 😂😜💃🏻 ( #AmandaCerny @katjaglieson #Florence)
Work work work then play play play C👌🏼
We are both from West Palm Beach , Both eat mostly plants, Both went to Florida State University, Both make skits online, Both have amazing fans that support us, Both love to live, Both Love learning new skills, Both Love Reggaeton and salsa (I may have forced this one haha💃🏻), Both are actors , Both live in Los Angeles, BOTH WORK OUR ASSES UP* ( Up .. not off* because well..we like asses🍑😈) and we BOTH share the same exact birthday... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TWIN!!!! MY LIFE WOULDN'T BE COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU BEING SUCH A HUGE PART OF IT! #KingQueen We are going to do some amazing things this year! Thank you everyone for all the bday wishes xo You made today very special for me as usual 🙏🏼👑
Ugh thank god for life !!!👑☺️ 👑 #BirthdayMe
Most women adjust their behavior to be likable and as a result have less power in the world. A female boss often can be mistaken as a bitch... I've become perfectly okay with that and want every girl who follows me to understand that not being liked, as hard as it may be, may be a sign that you are doing something right. Be tough, be strong, be rational, be confident, be a #BossBitch 👑💪🏼C👌🏼
Dining with friends ( w/ @ablasofy #AmandaCerny )
I traveled all the way to Florence today just for the food... now THAT'S AMORE !!! 😍🍕
Make a wish!!!!!
My birthday is June 26th! Everyone is invited !!! 😂
my throne . @guess
My milkshake brings all baddest to the yard😘 @katjaglieson @ablasofy guess #lakecomo #Italy
Get your booty to the gym today!!! I know it's a mental struggle to get there sometimes but just stop thinking about it , turn on some good music for inspo, put on do not disturb on your phone, and zombie your way to the gym! Then before you know it, you'll have finished your workout and feel amazeballs 😘 #TeamCerny
Fashionably late *as usual* to my 🎊"SWEET 16" MILLION🎊 celebration!😜👑 --Every day I am working so hard to better myself and my craft because YOU inspire me. Thanks for staying with me. Loyalty is everything!!-- Don't forget your plus one! 💌So please invite YOUR BEST guest to join our 🍬SWEET 16 MILLION by tagging them in the comments below! Because #TeamCerny knows that I'm known to throw a pretty damn good party🎉 😘 ( Photographer: @taylorcutfilms ✨Dress: @stylepr @shadyzeineldine 💫 Makeup: @lilmissmegsmakeup )
Going back to my roots ... ITALY!!!! Off to Milan 💃🏻