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Look who is it! It's Boy Dom. You see, he is a real person 😉. I've written a new blog post about what I've learned since becoming a self-employed Instagrammer; the shocks, the good parts, the not-so-good parts and how shockingly, it's not all about working from bed 😂😉. There's also a little background story on the two of us from back when we first met. Don't worry, though, it's not a lovey-dovey, sloppy story - we don't do sloppy here. Link in bio!
Back when Bugs had a BFF - little Velma. We took Mr. Nice to get to get neutered today so that they could finally live together in harmony, and could just, you know, be mates. But, Mr. Nice had other ideas. He has an irregular heartbeat so the vet won't operate, apparently she's seen it in dogs and cats, but never rabbits. Seems he's doing anything possible to carry on living the bachelor lifestyle 🙈. (And yes, you're not tripping out, the image is moving 😉).
Yesterday, while in Liverpool city centre, we saw girls shopping with rollers in their hair (commitment to voluminous hair here is strong 💪🏻💁🏻). Being the daughter of a hairdresser, hair rollers would give me hours of entertainment as a kid. Rolling up my hair, my doll's hair, my friend's hair, my dog's hair - usually resulting in a tangled mess 🙈. The hairdressing flair obviously didn't pass down to me. What weird items did you find entertainment in as a child? #allthatisthree
"I'm tired. I need a carry. My legs hurt" - something we hear non-stop from Penny if we ask her to walk anywhere at home. But, when we plop her on top of a mountain in The Alps and then ask her to walk down (something that ends up taking three hours), we didn't hear a single moan. Who can worry about tired legs when this is your view? #WHPadventure
If Amelia owned a pair of blue dungarees and a red hat (and could grow a moustache), you know that she'd have been Mario instead of a ballerina, right? 🍄 So, as you might have noticed, I've started a new hashtag - #objectsforoutfits - and as there's been *so* many brilliant entries I'm going to start featuring some of my favourites on my Stories each week. Keep 'em comin' people and keep making me smile.
Usually, I would tell Amelia off for being so lazy; however, when she’s coded the drone herself - using the Swift Playgrounds app - selecting and editing each move, take off, landing and direction just to send me a note, I’ll let this one go. #Everyonecancode #promotionalpartner
Because I feel like we could all do with some bunny cuteness right now, and because I wanted to show you my new stripy @plumostudio pants. 🐰+👖=😁 And that's all. #plumostudio
The plan was to stay up late with the kids in the hope of seeing the Perseid meteor shower, but after a day of partying, friends, bouncy castles and cake, it didn't quite turn out that way (Penny didn't make it past 7 pm). So, instead, Dom and I lay in bed, opened the blinds, and watched. Thanks to a break in the clouds we managed to see two! *squeal* Who stayed up to watch it? What did you see? #allthatisthree Our hand-painted galaxy jumpers are c/o @wearehairypeople, and they've kindly offered you guys 20% off your next order if you use allthatisthree20. More about them and a link to this jumper in my Stories.
"And though she be but little, she is fierce." - Shakespeare This little dot turns 4 tomorrow - 4! So, I will be spending the night reminiscing about her baby days, my pregnancy, probably birth, and talking about how fast the last four years have gone - you know, all the cliché things that mams do on the eve of their child's birthday. Happy birthday, Penny! Our bundle of fun, love, and attitude. #objectsforoutfits
Meet our new ‘pet’, Jimu. He doesn’t need walking, or feeding, and he doesn’t make any mess but - with some coding done by Penny - he knocks out some serious dance moves. #Everyonecancode #promotionalpartner
I've...wait for it...*dropped* a new blog post on my website. Get it, dropped 😉. Anyway, I've written a blog post about being featured by @instagram: what to expect, how it feels, the pros, the cons, all the weirdness that comes with it, and why it's such a big deal to us Instagrammers. I've also included some ways that I believe will help you to push your own image upon the eyes of the Insta-Gods. Link in bio. Enjoy! And yes, this is an old dentist chair. Unfortunately though, it's in a studio and not at my house *sob*.
So, today has been *very* exciting. My entry to this weeks @instagram's WHP hashtag project - the mushroom chef hat image - was chosen to be featured *swaggers around the house for the entire day*. Apart from that, we've also welcomed Jack and his beanstalk into our home....ok, so it's just a banana tree but look at the size of it. I'll be climbing up to reach the treasure in no time. And also (one more thing, I promise), the very talented Boy Dom has dared to stray away from allthatisshe to create these pretty wicked canvas animal prints. Mix Bugs and Mr Nice together, put their head on a renaissance painting and voila! He's decided to sell these prints - some of his other work is now on my Stories - so if you like them or would like your beloved pet to become a piece of art then drop him a DM on @animalheadsonhumans
I realised last week that we'd missed the one year mark of our #allthatisthree series (I thought it had started in July when actually it was in June). So, here's our one year anniversary post (a whole 6 weeks late). Happy birthday #allthatisthree! 🎉🎈 I wonder; can we go for another year? What will the next year of images look like? And how long until my bed is free of glitter stars? 😂
Cooking with kids: when you end up, quite literally, wearing the food. #objectsforoutfits #WHPinthekitchen
"I know, Mam, how about me and Penny lie with our heads and hair hanging off the bed, like this?" So yes, I'm taking no credit for this image; this one was all thanks to Amelia! Not only does this girl have hair so luscious it would make even Rapunzel jealous, but she's also got a creative mind beneath it all, too. She'll be ready to take over the allthatisshe reigns in no time 😉 Taken during our stay at the wonderful @thehoxtonhotel yesterday.
I've just arrived home from a whirlwind trip to London (a trip where I solo parented and came home feeling like Superwoman because we all came home in one piece). So, while I recuperate and get my body back into the swing of Durham life (a whole 100mph slower than London life), here's an image peacefulness. Me, enjoying the epic views, some child-free time, and pretending to drink wine at @clubmedvalmorel. Those views, that food, sun....these are the things that I need right now. In partnership with @clubmed #clubmedvalmorel #clubmed
The simple, matchstick family kind of life. Now, where can I get one of these triangular dresses from? Oh, and the bubble shoes, too - I'd love some of those #allthatisthree 🚺🚺🚺
Ta-dah! Not only do I make a crackin' cup of tea, but I can also do it using only my eyes. And being able to do magic is always a pretty cool talent, right? ☕️👀 #WHPtalentshow
Books are good. Tea is good. Unlimited nachos and popcorn are very good. The film Dunkirk is very, very good. But rain in July is not good. Can you tell that I'm struggling with captions tonight (and that I'm still in a nacho cheese coma)?
First watermelon dresses 🍉 and now donut rubber rings 🍩; I think this could be us starting a new series. #objectsforoutfits - what do you think? Who's in? Another one of my images taken at the wonderful @clubmedvalmorel. How I wish to be back lazing around this pool, donut in one hand, book in the other. I guess I'll have to settle for just the donut tonight 😉. In partnership with @clubmed #clubmedvalmorel #clubmed