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Moody, Floaty, Fire and DESIRE !

give me 30 seconds ✌️ 📸 @puneetbsaini
Find me where the wild things are 💙
Silence isn't empty, it's full of answers.
My sunshine my rain, my old man who's taught me of love AND pain! The maddest teacher alive. Happy birthday my friend! May we be father daughter in all the lifetimes the universe has to offer 🙏🤞
A million unforgettable memories, a gazillion inside jokes & a trillion shared secrets! Happy birthday my soul friend.. the word best friend seems too basic after 24 years :) here's to several handful of cashews, mishaps in the park and moments in the dark haha sorry that's the only thing that rhymed! Love you chicaaaaaa @akansharanjankapoor
v i e w
forever kinda mood.
Love is love 🤙
always monkeying around.. 📸- @akansharanjankapoor
Raazi 😶
Happy bday my twin! It feels so good to know that there's someone out there who's as weird and as strange! And that someone just happens to be my bestest friend!.. life would have just been soo boring and normal without you 😋Love you sooo much megs! Can't wait to spend alone timeeee 🎈🎉🎁
love of my life 💙
first and last.
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Nooks and corners 🎨
that foot post 🐾
This is why you don't interrupt me while I'm eating 😶