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Death metal, video game, pizza, comic book, sci-fi enthusiast. In search of the finest wings, the cheesiest pies, and the friendliest of people.

So, THIS just showed up in my inventory. I'm being ruthless with gear, this go around. I would have noticed it. Just appeared in my inventory. Thank you, #RNGesus.
Skyline from Parking Garage.
Perrin brought a date to dinner, tonight.
Thanks to #TotalWine, I'm #DecayinWithTheBoys tonight. Sexii photo shoot eith #ThanatosIsMyHomeboy
Genius or terrifying? Both?
This is a school project. No joke. We had to make a 10 second video, with our phones, that tells a story. It's :09, which I don't think will kill me. My professor helped launch Super Deluxe. He's rad as fuck. I mean, my other professors are, too.
#VapeNaysh y'all.
#LaterGram. In the middle of a homemade pizza buffet, brought to us by #Totinos. #CombinationPizza is in the oven. #GarthMarenghisDarkPlace is on the #YouTube. Get. Jealous.
Saw @commedesfuckyourself post this. It's legit. Makes perfect sense to me.
I'm at orientation for SCAD. I felt compelled to call the guy that helped me with my SCAD id a "fake dick." He's here to help, but because he ignored my name, when I introduced myself, asking for it later, I called him a dick to my friend.
#ThanatosIsMyHomeboy has adjusted quite well. Just needs his buddy, #OdysseusMightBeAWeiner.
Atlanta United's first game in the brand new stadium. Thought it was the first game, but it's still the first season.
Thanks, @humblerodent0. For all you #RickAndMorty fans out there.
#TravelinWiithThanatos to Hotlanta to prepare for school. And also the storm. Be safe out there, fam. BP on Montague still has gas. Stay strong. And come visit, sometime.
I never do this, so listen up, boppers! Give @big_cat_kev a follow. Just look at that guy.
Of course, there's an accident! And traffic!! @perrinmoore
This is legit, and it is hurting my drive to Hotlanta. Fill up, now, and be careful out there. One article, from CNN, believes this was avoidable. Guess when Trump said "Good luck, Texas," then headed out on holiday, he meant "Good luck, AMERICA." #NaziPunksFuckOff #TrumpIsTheWorst #GasShortage2017 #GasShortage