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1st Phorm ELITE ATHLETE 🦈2A 🦈Pastry Chef 🦈Twitch.tv/alex_zedra #IAM1STPHORM

Surfed Boca Raton with @omna_inc Awesome idea! Their leashes are tourniquets..major game changer for surfers!
Ladies if a boy goes and likes 100 of your photos in a row to get your attention...go like the one of him and his girlfriend/wife. @claytonhaugen 📸 @aenimakeup MUA #tipsbyalex #scandanavian #naturallysavage
Run run run...pew pew pew. With @mrsandersonshoots . @rangerproof RPC @1stphorm iam1stphorm racerback #iam1stphorm
Thoughts on civilians owning plate carriers? . I've never liked the idea of it personally. Seeing basic people dress up like they're going to war on Instagram just for a range day might have ruined it for me. I never wanna be that "tacticool" person. . However, since I've gotten myself @spartan_armor swimmers cut, I feel that much safer and protected if I was dealing with an armed robbery. (Which my house has been robbed with me in it before, I was about 15) . I keep it in my @rhinometals safe, I still have quick access to it with the 'swing out rifle rack' installed. 😍 Keeps everything organized and easy to access. . Use code AlexZedra15 on @rhinometals entire site :) #spartanarmorsystems #rhinometals
Why adding @1stphorm Ignition to your post workout shake is necessary... . Ignition sends signals to your body to repair the muscles broken down from the gym. Spiking insulin and replenishing glycogen will begin the recovery process immediately. . Therefore you get to feed your muscles to ignite muscle growth and decrease recovery time 🤘🏼 . Free shipping on all @1stphorm supplements and gear in my bio! #iam1stphorm @davidmullis 📸
First squad game @drdemolitionmatt joins and we win 🙌🏼 . Everyone else was dead and i almost fucked up but that smoke came in clutch haha . My other squad mates: @eli_doubletap @killingthaime . Streaming tonight at 10pm est. Twitch.tv/alex_zedra #pubg #chickendinner #twitch
You can find me in st. Louie 🤘🏽 . @1stphorm 1P muscle tank #iam1stphorm #thesimpsons Free shipping link in my bio 😎
I'll take a dorky nerdy dude over a meat head tool bag any day!! 😍 @eli_doubletap . And no I am not calling matt a tool bag..his face just so happens to be there lol
Almost done assembling! Weeeee I got my parts from @apoc_armory . If you havnt built your own rifle at least once, go do it! Or finish your build...so fun! Minus the small posts and pins 🤢
Not my vector..but it's still on my gun list. First I need a scar 😎 I don't have a single firearm in .308 #reeeeeeee
Literally been in my robe all day, it's raining and I'm feeling like complete crap with an upset stomach, but I gotta eat something...😫 . First meal of the day @1stphorm level-1 meal replacement shake. Mint ice cream sandwich 😍 Made in a low temperature process so you get more of the good stuff with each scoop. No bloating or burps either. . FREE shipping link in my bio! #iam1stphorm
@spartan_armor Dueling tree type of day. . I use to totally suck at dueling trees. I can get my hits just need to increase the speed. 🙌🏼
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"Quiet" cosplay from Metal Gear Solid V @claytonhaugen 📸 #cosplay #quiet #mgs Hmmm mmm hmm hmmm 🤐
Since everyone asks...My gaming setup :) Still need one more monitor and then I'm set for all the new upgrades. . Going live on twitch.tv/alex_zedra come say hi :) . @1stphorm megawatt v2 always on standby, Energy and mental focus for these late streaming nights. . Free shipping link in my bio! #iam1stphorm #iamahomebody
@rhinometals safe came in clutch. Lol @eli_doubletap @blackriflecoffee @blackriflecoffee_logan . Use code ALEXZEDRA15 for %15 off @rhinometals entire site :)
#blameEli What happens when Eli is alive vs. what happens when Eli is dead. . As you can see, I play much better when @eli_doubletap isn't alive to ruin it. Hahaha . Streaming tonight at 10pm est twitch.tv/alex_zedra . Giving away a vortex red dot to one subscriber tomorrow. #twitch #pubg . Oh yea bring ear plugs.
I'm alone at the range 99% of the time. I always record myself so I can see where i do wrong. Since I don't have anyone to point out "hey alex your stance, wtf is that?" . I usually don't see my problems till after I get home. Assess and then fix it next range day. Or try to 😖 this was at 7 yards . @1stphorm 1stphorm racerback #iam1stphorm
Just got back from Utah...it was 40 degrees and snowing in some places. Now I'm back home it's 92 and 100% humidity. What am I doing to myself? 😓 . @1stphorm racerback #iam1stphorm