A L E X A N D R I A @alex_zedra

1st Phorm ELITE ATHLETE 🦈h2o 🦈2A 🦈Pastry Chef 🦈Twitch.tv/alex_zedra 🦈AlexZedra1@gmail #IAM1STPHORM

Mini guns got my 6 😎 @claytonhaugen 📸 @dillonaeroinc
Some BTS from last weeks photo shoot with @claytonhaugen :) . #quiet #metalgearsolid #videogames #cosplay #mgs
Def need my motivation in a mug today... Apparently I ran out of @1stphorm remedy and drank last night without it. I'll be sitting on my couch all day waiting for a Game of Thrones to start. . Also Im gonna try to finish up Hellblade tonight on twitch. The game released last Tuesday and it's fun as hell! Streaming around 10:30pm est twitch.tv/alex_zedra #iam1stphorm #remedy #ifuckedup
When 2 video-gamers get together...."Quiet" from Metal Gear Solid happens. Hands down the best cosplay achieved in my years of cosplay 🙌🏼 @claytonhaugen 📸 #quiet #mgs #cosplay
With one of the best pilots in the country 😎 @dillonaeroinc #helo
Ting ting ting ting ting. @1stphorm lob racerback #iam1stphorm @islandviewenterprises 9mm ammo
Next level training 🦈 Running at the bottom of a 10ft pool with my @spartan_armor swimmers cut plate carrier. Yes I still have the plates in it. Free diving. . @raakbottomimaging 📸 #spartanarmor #imbasicallyafish
I'm just gonna accept the fact that my range days will always be rainy days -_- Every damn time. . @1stphorm racerback #iam1stphorm
Uzi does it 😎 #uzi #fullauto #mgv
I don't watch cable, I play video games instead 💙 Literally every night 🙈 . . @1stphorm megawattv2 as my energy source > the classic gamers juice 'mountain dew' #iam1stphorm #worldofwarcraft #twitch
@cressi1946 Spearguns make me look like a small child lol @raakbottomimaging 📸 #h2o
Made it to Arizona today for shoot #3 with @claytonhaugen . . @1stphorm LOB racerback #iam1stphorm
I know I've posted this a couple times but it's the only surf video I have from my go pro. . Hurricane season is coming up and I can't wait to capture another surf session!! Eeeeeee 🦈 #h2O #surf #eastcoast #sharkbait #hoohaha
I cheat at cleaning guns... @blazntech has an electronic spinning brush 😎 @1stphorm premium generation T #iam1stphorm
When your low key girly but also a raptor. #raptorhands
Alex in her natural habitat, the kitchen. 👩🏻‍🍳 @1stphorm phormula-1 protein for my baby muscles #iam1stphorm
Easy peasy setup 👌🏼 @spartan_armor Setting up the tree next!! @concealment_commander holster #spartanarmorsystems
Full auto Friday with @blackriflecoffee #fullautofriday
I wish I had every photo that Marisa and I bombed on each other this day😂 love this girl! @marisalarenfitness @1stphorm racerback #twinning #iam1stphorm