Alahna Arter

Alahna Arter @alahna_arter

It's Alahna♥️FFA🤙🏽06.21.17💘

Today was the greatest💗💕💓uhh I can't explain how much I miss him tho😩
He's my favorite person to hangout with💗cuz~john
They say I'm crazy😜
The way you make me feel~Michael Jackson💞
Happy birthday to my weirdo😁💗
My fav💗
Well cedar point was so fun😁💗 @mayzen
I just wanted you to know...I love you💗
~no caption~🌱
Appreciate what you have💗
I just want to take a moment and say that I wouldn't be he person I am today without you guys💗I honestly have learned so much from you guys💗we sometimes fight but we're sisters what are we supposed to do we have all went threw a lot but hat okay we had each other to help get threw it💗
Fake smiles are cool but real ones are amazing😁💗
Summer going good☀️
The only reason I don't want you is because I don't want to loose you💗
There always fun to hangout with💗
These butterfly's they come alive when I'm next to you💗
Sry I look like trash but yah know😂💗
Love them with all my 💗
You know your a true friend when out of nowhere you say I love you and hug them💗
I love my doggo💗