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All my fans know i looove getting my tan (right under the sun all day long!!). I have freckles (i think it's the German side of me) and it's getting worse... Sun damaged skin is definitely not good for my upcoming photoshoot!! So i got my first coolaser skin treatment from my dermatologist Dr @simonourianmd1 to get my skin ready. Find more bts me getting ready for my photoshoot on #AGNEZMOapp 😘 video taken by VIVO! #AGNEZMO
Believe it or not, this pair of jeans im wearing is about 10 years old! Bought it 10 years ago!! And thank God that style is coming back! 💋😘 😂 #vintage #AGNEZMO
#AGNEZMO Kids Choice Awards 💋
You asked why those shoes again. Why those white tees again? Where is ur branded bag Ag? The truth is, with me? You'll never get "the heels im wearing". Cuz it's about the steps I'm taking. #iAMme It's never about the clothes I'm wearing, it's about the skin i'm comfortable in. MY own skin. #iAMme and with that, lets take a look at the steps i've made, the ones im making, and the me i'm building. That's right. That's me. My own Me. My own version of me. #iAMme
"I'm complicated but I'm f*ckin good" -- her #imme #myownversionofme #AGNEZMO
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Im feeling the hype!! We have found our winners but we are looking for more!! Join the contest by downloading our app #AGNEZMOapp and I will see u on May 18!! 💋 love u! #AGNEZMO
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