cocaine on the table, liquor pourin', don't give a damn

. I be in and out them banks so much I know they're tired of me Honestly, don't give a fuck 'Bout who ain't fond of me . . . qotd: ever been in trouble w police? aotd: maybe once or twice πŸ’€πŸ–€
. tell them all i know now shout it from the rooftops write it on the sky line all we had is gone now . . . qotd: lil pump or X ? aotd: lil pump is dad asf
new theme β™‘
new theme β™‘
new theme β™‘
You could write all them songs That's the game that you play Tryna write all them bars But you can't make me stay. . . qotd: favorite summer footwear? aotd: birkenstocks/gucci slides β™‘
what would I do without you ? I only think about you. . . . qotd: what would you name ur future son ? aotd: Brayden β™‘
careful mama watch what you say you talkin to me like ya new bae girl,talkin like you tryna do things . . . atod: ever been high or drunk? qotd: issa normal thang πŸ™ˆπŸ˜ž
smoke good weed with a bad bitch, big it down, roll it up, ignite it. . . qotd: would you rather get a gold nose ring or gold grillz ?? aotd: bottom teeth gold grillz πŸ’ΈπŸ–€
I just wanna fuck w you, I know you want to too. . . qotd: what do you hate most? aotd: being left on seen smfh
we jus watchin netflix, she aint got no cable πŸ₯€ . . qotd: when do you wanna get married? aotd: early 20's.....
I, I know that you ain't got it boy why you ain't jus say that. They see I got that money, now his bitch like I said that. . . qotd: if you had a daughter, what would you name her? aotd: Ariana
when yo' diamond colder than a bitch then you know you lit β™‘ . . . qotd: favourite perfume? aotd: love is heaven by Victoria's Secret
i don't wanna be without you babe, i don't want a broken heart. don't wanna take a breath without you babe, i don't wanna play that part . . . qotd: favourite brands ? aotd: gucci, givenchy, chanel, victoria's secret β™‘
new theme?? 3/3
new theme?? 2/3
new theme?? 1/3
. she looked at my wrist and she looked at a hundred thousand πŸ’Έ β€’ β€’ qotd: what's your height?? aotd: 5'2" (ikik short asf I'm workin on it)
- you're everything i need and more, it's written all over your face. baby i can feel your halo, pray it won't fade away..... - - - qotd: tacos or taquitos ?? aotd: taquitosss
- You're the light, you're the night You're the color of my blood You're the cure, you're the pain You're the only thing I wanna touch Never knew that it could mean so much, so much. - - qotd: what's unique about you? aotd: i'm a triplet!