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🍸The Expedition🍸 In Greek mythology, the Golden Fleece is the fleece of the gold-haired winged ram, which was held in Colchis. The fleece is a symbol of authority and kingship. It figures in the tale of the hero Jason and his crew of Argonauts, who set out on a quest for the fleece by order of King Pelias, in order to place Jason rightfully on the throne of Iolcus in Thessaly. Through the help of Medea, they acquire the Golden Fleece. A classic myth for today with a short refreshing cocktail since in our country we still feel the summer. _________________________________ 🔹50ml Gin infused with green tea and cranberries ( @brokersgin) 🔹20ml Lime juice 🔹10ml Maraschino Shake all the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain and rum the glass with some caramel. __________________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
🍸The Enchantress🍸 The inspiration for our account's name was Homer's Odyssey. The renowned epic poem of king Odysseus adventure to return to Ithaka, his home. So it's only logical that we take inspiration from the poem for one of our drinks. This time we are going to tell you about Circe. Circe is a goddess of magic. Daughter of the sun god Helios and Perse, an Oceanid nymph. Circe had a vast knowledge of herbs and potions and she was known to use them to transform her enemies into wild beasts. Odysseus met Circe on his journey. She invited his crew to join her in a feast, enchanted them and turned them into swine. Only one of the crew members made time to warn Odysseus, who with the help of Hermes and Athena freed his crew. Then he stayed with Circe for a year feasting and drinking and left with directions on how to continue his journey. Served in a porcelain jar...enough to seduce you to find out what could be inside of it _______________________________ The Enchantress: 🔹50ml Rum 🔹20ml Coffee 🔹15ml Cardamom syrup 🔹2 barspoons honey 🔹2 drops vanilla extract Shake the ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Strain in a glass and add two cardamom seeds as a garnish. _________________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
Bar / Cocktail : Odori Vermuteria / Verde Collada Our latest adventures takes place in a secret square in downtown Athens. Odori Vermuteria di Atene ( @odori_vermuteria) is one of the newest hot spots of our beloved city's bar scene as it turned one year old this May (and they threw an awesome party to celebrate their birthday!). The interior is designed to make you feel like you are seated in the middle of a botanical garden- and oh boy is it successful! Our favorite feature was the wide brass bar that looked majestic –and quite photogenic- as the dimed lights fell on it (dimed lights equals bad photos though 😩). The majority of their cocktails have vermouth in them (Vermuteria-duh!) and we were very excited to see their approach on this forgotten but very basic cocktail. We tried their twist on a Piña Colada ( yes we still are in summer mood) . It is called Verde Collada and it has: 🔹Martini Ambrato vermouth 🔹Coconut 🔹Pineapple 🔹Matcha tea 🔹Black pepper _________________________________ Our thoughts? One of the best low-alcoholic drinks we've ever tried. Full of taste, extremely refreshing and way too easy to drink. An unexpectedly perfect combination of coconut, pineapple, vermouth and matcha that makes you want to sway to the great tunes the DJ is rocking(at least the night we were there he was killing it). #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #athensbars #athensbynight #ig_athens #igersathens #odorivermuteriadiatene
🍸God's Fall🍸 In one branch of Greek mythology, Hera ejected Hephaestus from the heavens because he was "shrivelled of foot". He fell into the ocean and was raised by Thetis (mother of Achilles) and the Oceanid Eurynome. In another account, Hephaestus, attempting to rescue his mother from Zeus' advances, was flung down from the heavens by Zeus. He fell for an entire day and landed on the island of Lemnos, where he was cared for and taught to be a master craftsman by the Sintians – an ancient tribe native to that island. Later writers describe his lameness as the consequence of his second fall, while Homer makes him lame and weak from his birth. So weird inspiration for this cocktail but the weather here gets moodier and well Hephaestus is a smithman so fire is his element. _________________________________ God's Fall: 🔹50ml Rum ( @_havanaclub) 🔹25ml Metaxa brandy ( @metaxa.official) 🔹2 dashes Angostura bitters 🔹1 barspoon honey Stir in a mixing glass with ice and strain in a cocktail glass. Rim the glass with cinnamon. _________________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
🍸Morning Medicine🍸 Okay, we didn't have any intresting myths for this one since to be honest, the ingredients are not even Greek. Also, we had some internal crisis going on since one of us was sick and the other one got her wisdom tooth out. But that being said this is a really amazing cocktail that we came up with and the combination kinda surpised us. It's inspired by something you would drink in the morning but since that's not ever enough we threw a little booze in there. We have to warn you thought about the turmeric since it stains like crazy and we found out about that the hard way. ___________________________ Morning Medicine: 🔹60ml Vodka ( @smirnoffeurope) 🔹20ml Cold brew 🔹20ml Coconut milk 🔹15ml Vanilla syrup 🔹pinch of turmeric powder Combine the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain. We rimmed the glass with some turmeric powder for that extra spicy note. ___________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
Bar / Cocktail : Clumsies / Synthesis The Clumsies. No.9 of the Worlds best bars for 2016. Υou can also call it an oasis in the middle of Athens as there are plants hanging from the ceiling and wood is prominent everywhere in the bar. A great place to drink your daily cocktail or even have a cup of coffee since it's an all day bar. But the decoration isn't the only thing The Clumsies is known for. It is considered to be the place with the most avant-garde cocktails in Greece. Extravagant presentations and uncommon ingredients are few of the elements that differentiate this bar from all the others. It is considered one of the gems of our city and it's the home of this year's world class greek winner (check the Hypnotic post for more!) Τhe cocktail we tried is called Synthesis and it has: 🔹Tanqueray no.Ten gin ( @tanqueraygin) 🔹Pickled Beetroot Cordial 🔹Ginger ______________________________ Βeetroot is a very trendy ingredient to use and it gives a unique sweetness to your drink without making it feel sugar-y. The gin flavor is as prominent as it should be and everything is beautifully toned down by the spicy ginger. If you are curious and brave enough to drink your beetroot this is the cocktail for you. #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #athensbars #worldsbestbars #athensbynight #igersathens #theclumsies
🍸Divine Melody🍸 Orpheus was the son of muse Calliope, the patron of epic poetry and Oeagrus, a king of Thrace. Orpheus grew up to be part of the legendary expedition of the Argonauts and become a hero. But before that, Orpheus was well known for his musical skills. It is said that while Orpheus was living on mount Parnassus with his mother and one day he met Apollo, the god of music, there. Apollo became fond of Orpheus and gave him a golden lyre as a gift. He also taught him how to play it. Oprheus' music was said to be so good that it could charm the animals and make the trees dance. Once again in this cocktail we decided to highlight the variety and the quality of the greek products that are available to us. We used Greek herbal tea from mount Parnassus - hence the myth - Mastiha liqueur and Metaxa (brandy with spices). ___________________________ Divine melody: 🔹50ml Roots Mastiha ( @finest_roots) 🔹25ml Greek herbal tea 🔹10ml Metaxa 3* ( @metaxa.official) 🔹10ml cinnamon syrup 🔹2 dashes orange bitters Shake the ingredients in a shaker with ice and strain in a coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon peel. ____________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
🍸Partying in Moscow🍸 As you can all imagine, going through an odyssey can be very tiring sometimes. That being said, there are many great ways to relax. Having a small dance off or travelling are a few fun ideas. But that's not always possible. So, here @acocktailodyssey we decided to use our ideas as an inspiration for a new variation on a classic favorite cocktail-the Moscow mule! Since we can't visit Moscow right now...we give you: _______________________________ Partying in Moscow: 🔹50ml Vodka 🔹25ml Cinnamon syrup 🔹Oranges 🔹Lemons 🔹Ginger beer ( @schweppesgreece ) Add the vodka and the simple syrup in the shaker and give it a good shake. Muddle a few orange and lemon pieces in a rocks glass and fill it with ice. Pour the mixture over the ice and the muddled fruit and top up with ginger. _______________________________ Enjoy responsibly while listening to Moscow's latest hits...or at least some good dancing tunes. #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens #instadrink
Bar / Cocktail : Ipitou / King Kong's love affair And the bar odyssey continues, this time at a bar that we have wanted to visit a long time. And it did not disappoint. It is called Ipitou ( @ipitouthebar) a small bar, named after the street it's located and it is one of those places that feel like a second home. It has a small inside space but the outside is wide and beautiful. You can choose either the bar or one of the small tables that are located on the pavement outside. The menu is small and it mostly has rum-based cocktails. But we loved it for another reason besides the high end cocktails. The cocktail names which were soo cool as you are about to find out. We chose one called "King Kong 's love affair". Yes, that's the name and it sets the standards very high. But the drink lived up to them. A simple tiki drink which was combined of: 🔹banana 🔹pineapple 🔹rum that is sweet and refreshing…and a little exotic maybe. It had a rich garnish of an orange peel, a slice of pineapple and dried banana chip(which after the rum starts soaking them the were the best treat).We totally recommend it as it makes you feel like being on an exotic the middle of Athens. Can't think of a better way to end a hot day! ___________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #athensbars #athensbynight #ig_athens #athenslovers
🍸Sleep Tight🍸 Morpheus was the son of Hypnos (God of Sleep). Morpheus comes from the Greek word for "figure" and he had the ability of taking human form in people's dreams. Alcyone was the wife of Ceyx and daughter of Aeolus. She and Ceyx were mad in love and admired from everyone for that. One day Ceyx went in the sea for fishing despite the fact that Alcyone told him not to go because she had a bad feeling. He didn't listen and the winds sunk his boat. After that Morpeus took Ceyx form and appeared in Alcyone's dream. She wakes up after that and finds her husband's dead body on the shore. Devastated by the death of her loved one she jumped in the sea and committed suicide. The romance and mostly Morpheus was the inspiration for this drink since it's the perfect one to drink when doing a sleep over. It's basically a twist on the classic White Russian (again,check #spiceupyourclassics for more) _______________________________ Sleep tight: 🔹60ml Heavy Cream 🔹60ml Vodka 🔹30ml Kahlua ( @kahlua) 🔹15ml Chocolate Syrup Shake all the ingredients in a shaker full of ice. Apply some extra chocolate syrup with a cooking brush inside the glass for extra flavor. Strain into the glass and garnish with some milka because why not. _______________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
🍸The Hunter🍸 Adonis was a beautiful man who spent two thirds of the year with Aphrodite in the upper world and one third with Persephone in the underworld (how and why is a story for another time). Adonis was also a great hunter, jealoused from the goddess of hunting herself, Artemis, who sent a wild bear to kill him. Aphorodite heard the groan of her lover and he died in her arms. So she sprinkled his blood with nectar and from that combination the flower anemone was created. The word anemone in Greek means "daughter of the wind" because the petals of the flower fall very easily with the slightest wind. ________________________________ The Hunter: 🔹50ml gin 🔹15ml anise syrup 🔹Sparkling white wine to top up Combine the gin and the syrup in a shaker with ice and shake. Strain in a flute glass. The garnish we used is godji berries that we finely chopped in a food processor and "glued" them to the glass with some honey. ________________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens #beefeatergin
Bar / Cocktail : Dizzy Mo / Mint Games Hey, a bar that was a pleasant surprise. We were strolling through one of the most crowded squares in the center of Athens and since we hadn't any particular place in mind to go we found this little gem. Simple bar that most of the customers sit outside on the square and so we did. We ordered a cocktail called mint games (i have to give it to them it was a nice pun) which consisted of: 🔹Bourbon 🔹Spearmint(muddled) 🔹Peach 🔹Vanilla It was like drinking a weird twist of mojito without that being a bad thing. The bourbon paired nicely with the peach and the spearmint was a nice addition to give freshness. Pretty easy to drink. A nice simple cocktail to drink when you are out in the town. #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #athensbars #popagandagr #athensbynight #visitathens #inathens #ig_athens #athenslovers #igersathens
🍸Love that faded🍸 Narcissus was a man of impeccable beauty. Son of the Nymph Lirope and the river God Cephissus. One day he was walking in the woods when Echo, an Oread (nymph of the forest) saw him and immediately fell in love with him. But he rejected her telling her to leave. She was devastated by the rejection and never stopped calling him until her voiced echoed away. Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, decided to punish Narcissus. So she lured him to the river and when he saw his reflection he fell in love with it. When he realised that his love could not be reciprocated he was devasted as well and commited suicide. We decided to give a twist to the classic Champagne cocktail ( #spiceupyourclassics) by switching cognac with gin and replace the classic angostura bitters to the bitter orange ones...just cause. Also, do you have a myth that you would like us to check us out? Or do you have one that you heard and got stuck in your head? Let us know! 😄 __________________________________ Love that faded: 🔹20ml gin (as always we used @beefeatergin) 🔹1 sugar cube 🔹4 dashes of orange bitters ( @angosturahouse) 🔹Champagne to top up In a flute add the sugar and the bitters and stir. Add the gin and top up with champagne. Lightly stir and add a little cherry on the bottom. Our's was steepped in anise syrup because we had some from another cocktail. __________________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
🍸The night of Madness🍸 Agave in ancient Greek mythology had a son named Pentheus (and yes that's her name so I think you guys know our base spirit for this). So, Agave was jealous of her sister Semele that was adored by Zeus himself and when the last one was pregnant to their son, Dionysus, Agave spread rumours about her sister being pregnant from a mortal man. When Dionysus got older and found about the rumours his aunt had spread he decided to take revenge. He went to Thebes and sent the Theban women mad, compelling them to celebrate his Dionysiac festivals on Mount Cithaeron. Pentheus, wishing to prevent or stop these riotous proceedings, was persuaded by a disguised Dionysus to go himself to Cithaeron, but was torn to pieces there by his own mother, Agave, who in her frenzy believed him to be a wild lion. Creepy story but definitely one to show the human flaws that the gods had in ancient Greek mythology. So, back to the Cocktail, as most of you have guessed -and for the few that read this far - we are working with tequila with this one. So: _________________________________ 🍸The night of Madness🍸 🔹50ml Tequila infused with juniper berries (we used @altostequila) 🔹20ml homemade honey-chilli syrup 🔹10ml black tea 🔹10ml lemon juice Shake the ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain and serve with a dried chilli pepper. _________________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens
🍸Resist the Dark🍸 Erebus is the personification of darkness. Along with Nyx, the personification of the night - see previous post "Summoning the Night" - were considered primordial deities that came from Chaos. Erebus in ancient Greek means "darkness" but the word is also used in mythology to describe the darkest place of the underworld that Hades and Persephone had their thrones. With these two beautiful stories in mind we got inspired to make an infusio with some cheap Scotch that we had laying around and create a nice variation of the beloved classic; "whiskey sour" (check #spiceupyourclassics for more). ______________________________ Resist the Dark: 🔹50ml Scotch infused with cacao beans 🔹25ml simple syrup 🔹15ml lemon juice 🔹2 tablespoons aquafaba (homemade) Throw all ingredients in the shaker and shake without ice. Open it up, add the ice and shake again. Strain and serve with some good quality dark chocolate. ______________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igersathens #whiskey #aquafaba
Bar / Cocktail : Borsalino / Yellow Empire The Borsalino Bar ( @borsalinobarathens) is one of the newest additions in the Athenian bar scene. It first opened its doors almost a year ago and it quickly became a favorite spot. You can easily be overwhelmed by it's vintage and aristocratic atmosphere but don’t be fooled, Its cocktail game lives up to the latest trends. An excellent example of that is the "Yellow empire" cocktail. ______________________________ It has: 🔹Vodka 🔹Melon 🔹Turmeric 🔹Lime 🔹Cilantro ________________________________ A refreshing cocktail that is too easy to drink and definitely suitable for a warm summer night. At first you get the sweet melon flavor but you are in for a surprise as the sweetness is toned down by the lime juice and the turmeric. Note by Purple Agave: I would love to tell you how the cocktail tasted while the ice melted…but I can't! It was over before the ice had a chance to alter the flavor! As I said…too easy to go down! 😝 Note by Negroni Damsel : sorry for the bad quality. The bar was nice but the lighting was terrible for photos. #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #athensbars #athensbynight #inathens #ig_athens #igersathens
🍸Summoning the night🍸 Nyx in ancient Greek mythology was the personification of the night. She was the daughter of Chaos and one of the first entities on the world. A shadowy figure with exceptional power and beauty that she was feared by Zeus himself. She was worshipped for her foreseeing powers. Apparently, she is also the inspiration of this blue beauty;that and some leftover chamomile infused vodka from the previous post 😊 ___________________________ Summoning the night: 🔹50 chamomile infused vodka 🔹25 blueberry liqueur 🔹15 lemon juice Shake all ingredients in the shaker with ice. Strain in a coupe glass and garnish with a lemon peel and its zest. ___________________________ Somewhat sweet but gets toned down but the bitterness of the chamomile vodka. #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe #igerathens
🍸A Goddess' Mistake🍸 Orion son of the God Poseidon, decided to travel to Crete to kill Artemis and her mother Leto. He got arrogant and declared that he was going to kill every animal in the world. Gaia, the goddess of earth, got angry and sent a giant scorpion to kill him. The scorpion succeded but Artemis asked Zeus to honor Orion for being a fellow hunter, so he turned him into a constellation. But Orion was "no angel" as he had raped Merope the daughter of Chios' king, Oenopion, before he got to Crete. We deticated this summery version of everyone's beloved martini to Artemis, who despite her goddess wisdom decided to honor a disrespectful man. We took inspiration from these two stories, especially the one taking in place in island Chios, and used Mastiha liqueur, a product coming from said island. _________________________________ A Goddess' Mistake: 🔹50ml Chamomile infused Vodka 🔹30ml Skinos Mastiha ( @skinos_mastiha_spirit) 🔹10ml lemon juice 🔹1 barspoon honey Add the ingredients to the shaker. Shake with ice and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with two mint leaves. ___________________________________ #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe
Bar / Cocktail : The Clumsies / Hypnotic This amber-y beauty is the drink that gave Mr. Panos Kanatsoulis ( @panos_kanatsoulis) the ticket for this years World Class Greek finals - which btw he NAILED as he is representing Greece this year in Mexico ( @worldclass). _____________________________________ Undoubtedly a world-class drink as it has: 🔹Bourbon infused with Greek goat cheese 🔹Roots herb liqueur infused with fig ( @finest_roots ) 🔹Vermouth 🔹Metaxa 7* _____________________________________ Drinking it gives you,at first, a strong bourbon flavor and a hint of the goat cheese. But as the ice melts you get all the herbaceous flavors from the herb liqueur ,the vermouth and the Metaxa.A very unique tasting drink, that highlights many Greek delicacies. We tasted it, liked it and we wish Mr. Kanatsoulis best of luck in Mexico 🍀. #bringithome #worldclass2017 #worlds50bestbars @theclumsies #theclumsies #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #athensbars #athensbynight #inathens #ig_athens #igersathens
Here at @ACocktailOdyssey we have a huge love for classic cocktails. We all know them, we all love them and most of the times they are a nice source of inspiration when you are at a block. So we decided to start the #spiceupyourclassics hashtag where we will provide budget friendly twists on classic cocktails. Our first stop it's the Greek beach and a refreshing classic; the Gin Fizz. And we decided to make it even more refreshing. ______________________ So, Coco-nut invasion: 🔹50ml gin @beefeatergin 🔹25ml lime juice 🔹25ml coconut water simple syrup 🔹2 slices of cucumbers 🔹soda water ________________________ In a Boston shaker add the lime juice the syrup and the cucumber. Muddle and add the gin. Shake and strain into a highball glass or a big rocks glass like we did.Top up with soda water. Garnish with a cucumber slice. For the syrup: Use 2pts water coconut water and 2pts sugar. Bring to simmer. Let cool and refrigerate for up to a month. #ACocktailOdyssey #drinkingmediterranean #greekblogger #ig_athens #athensvibe