Anthony Arrazcaeta

Anthony Arrazcaeta @a_squared87

Family Guy. Crazy about my Mia. My world revolves around her alone 😊

Who's lucky? This guy! 😎☝💚👪
Mia's random goofabouts
Love all yall man
Breakey and beach ride with the fam fam 👪
" Sweet Tooth baby make that dollar stretch" #bigboi
Girl, looka here
Cutie kisses for potatoes. Fair trade Joe. Fair trade...
Late post from the road to #laketahoe. Can't wait to get back and start my new career!
There's a hole in my heart and I know what I'm missing 😘😘😍😍
Climbed a mountain to see my brother of another. @chillingthemost782
#Frenchonionsoup for the squad! shit looks fleeky fly
Going going, back back..
Late night pimpspiration
This woman has given me everything that truly matters in this world. Her smile can steal the room and from the first time I saw her she stole my heart.. She has fought viciously to make me see what she saw in me and Id be lucky to call myself half the man she deserves. I will always Have your back and be grateful for the beautiful daughter you brought into this world. A million stars wouldn't be enough to repay what you've given me. I love you to da' moon and back and I always will
Yesterday's #morningmadness