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Nicole Blankenship @_thebrowproject_

✖️brows first night out ✖️ . 🔥Brow Project Babe @lauren_higg 🔥
🤤DROOLING OVER THESE DREAMY BROWS🤤 . 🙌🏼I had the pleasure of perfecting these beautiful brows. As if she could get anymore perfect! 😍 ❤️❤️❤️ @lv_s @lv_s ❤️❤️❤️
☄️"She's just a cosmic girl from another galaxy."☄️ . 👊🏼Celebrating ALL ARTISTS 👏🏼 📸 @kendrickterrellphotos 💄HMUA @effortless_statement 🔥Color @misskortnikay 👄 @sivan_rn
🍒🍒🍒 Hey there kitty kitty 🍒🍒🍒 . ❤️My forever and always brow crush and #wcw @lomuns . 🔥So proud to have you as a Brow Project Babe.🔥 . 🤓Check those healed microbladed brows. #yas
🔥THESE BROWS ARE PERFECTION🔥 . 🏆Freshly microbladed brows by yours truly. 🎤Thank you, thank you very much. #micdrop 🎤
🌹Happy Birthday to my little sister @keelyshayfitness. 🌹 . 😍Thanks for always being there to make fun of me, for being my number one fan, and for being the BOSS BABE THAT YOU ARE! Go show my sissy some love today. 😍 . 🍌🍌🍌Also, thank you for trusting me to be my first human to ever microblade. I went from practicing on banana peels, to her face. 🍌🍌🍌
✨🌙What brow dreams are made of.💫🌟 . 💥Had the pleasure of touching up these beauties today. This is the final result after her 6 week touch up. I will post her healed results post her first session (before this touch up) in a later post. 💥
🗡🗡Jamming to George Michael + slaying some brows = my favorite day ever. 🗡🗡 . 👀Peep these freshly microbladed eyebrows. She wanted a effortlessly natural look, which happens to be my specialty. 👀 . #perfecteyebrows #georgemichael
🏖This babes brows will be POPPIN for all of her summertime music festivals and travels. 💅🏼Brow Project Babe @tmfel 🙏🏻I'm very proud of these for multiple reasons. 1) She has a very oily skin type, retained every stroke, and had immaculate healed results. . 🔑Post care is KEY. But more importantly, making sure the skin is stretched, blade is flat, and going at the correct depth for their unique skin type. We are thrilled with the results! 💋 🗡I achieved this look with my favorite microblade of all time, @harmonymicroblade #9classic by @tinadaviesprofessional.
💕It was an absolute pleasure fluffing up these brows before her CABO girls trip next month. 💕 . 🐚This babe won't have any brow worries while she's having fun in the sun.🌸 . 🐬Get your brows fresh and fleeky for all your summertime shenanigans.💙 I DON'T WANT YOUR BROWS MELTING OFF THIS SUMMER. 👀 . 🙌🏼NOW BOOKING FOR NEW AND EXISTING CLIENTS FOR JUNE, JULY, AND EARLY AUGUST MICROBLADING APPOINTMENTS. . 💋Spots filling up quickly, so please contact me through my website by the link in my bio, or DM ME. 💋 . 💅🏼Brow Project Babe @kaylarutlidge 💅🏼
🇮🇹 I will be out of the country for the dates listed. . 🙌🏼Brow Project Babes, PLEASE contact me ASAP to schedule your microblading touch ups! . ❤️Nicole
🔮If a genie could grant me one wish, it would be to have brows like this. 🔮 . 👏🏼Such a lovely and beautiful person inside out. 👏🏼Achieved this effortlessly natural transformation with the semi permanent microblading technique. 🙌🏼Changing lives, one brow at a time. . 💕Thankful for my ride or die classic #9 @harmonymicroblade by @tinadaviesprofessional. . ✍🏼I ONLY USE the best, most advanced, and safest tools for my Brow Project Beauties.✊🏻
😍😍AS IF SHE COULD GET ANYMORE FLAWLESS😍😍 . Before and after first session of microblading on my beautiful babe @goddesshairxo 🔥 . 💅🏼SLAYED BY YOURS TRULY 💅🏼
🐚 #wce because it doesn't have to be Wednesday to have a woman crush everyday. . 🐬The most beautiful mermaid and newest Brow Project Babe @candievic #GOALS . 🔥THOSE BROWS ARE ON FIRE 🔥
🎀BEAUTIFUL BLONDE MICROBLADING RESULTS🎀 . Built this babe a soft rounded arch and gave her more depth and definition in her natural brows with the microblading technique. . 🙌🏼Can't wait to see these fluffies healed! 🙌🏼 BROW PROJECT BABE 💕 @courtyalisha 💕
❤️thanks for the love beautiful!❤️ #Repost @kaylarenee_yo with @repostapp ・・・ Microblading for the win! I absolutely love my new eyebrows!! Everyone go check out @_thebrowproject_ she slays the brow game! ✨