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Don't be this girl 💔 . #yougetwhatyoupayfor #friyay
💅🏼Needed this color like, yesterday. So gorgeous! Ready for fall shades and edgy makeup looks. 💅🏼 #Repost @patmcgrathreal ・・・ Prepare to be 'WRECKED' ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #patmcgrathlabs LUST: #LuxeTrance and #MatteTrance are AVAILABLE NOW on PATMcGRATH.COM ________ LUST: LuxeTrance Lipstick Shade 'WRECKED' - a True Berry
💖No caption needed.💖 #thursdaythoughts #goodnight
MICROBLADING VS SHADING: what's the difference? Brow on the right is a combo of manual microblading and manual shading or "microshading". Left brow is just manual microblading. Notice the soft dusty powered color on the right which gives her a tad bit more drama and definition. Shading is the perfect technique for people with more combination skin types, little to no hair, or prefer a more shaded in powdery makeup look once healed. Microblading is suitable for all skin types but healed result looks more crisp on normal/dry skin. The microblading technique is perfect for the client wanting the most subtle and textured, airy look to the brow, and is the perfect place to start for anyone who is wanting to try permanent makeup. . ✈️This babe flew from Colorado, to give me the pleasure of creating her dream brow. ☁️ #browprojectbeauty @emily.p86 . ⚡️Harmomy blade 14 curve + 19 shader and LI Pigments in Chocolate Truffle + GV for microblading, and Chocolate Truffle + Sandalwood 3:1 diluted with SOFT FX by 75%⚡️--> only the highest quality tools Cc: @tinadaviesprofessional @tinadaviesprofessionalgcc @tinadavies @archaddicts @newbeauty @lipigmentsaustralia @girlzinkstudio
👊🏼 We showed #alopecia today who's BOSS. 👊🏼 This kind, hilarious, and young at heart gentlemen just finished his follow up microblading session, and I surprised him with some complementary shading so he could LOOK and FEEL his best at his daughters wedding in a couple of weeks. 👉🏻This client is 70 years young, and has never looked or felt better. I'm incredibly thankful and humbled to have been able to give the gift of confidence to not only this client, but hundreds of others. • • #grateful #alopeciaareata #alopeciaawareness . Cc: @tinadaviesprofessionalgcc @tinadaviesprofessional @_lalavibes_ @alopeciasupport @alopecia_awareness @alopeciaapparel @alopecialove
🍯Idk about you, but this is making me crave honey just looking at it. 🍯 Another creation from one of my favs--> @pete.motion <-- FOLLOW 👏🏼 #Repost @pete.motion ・・・ Honey at Night • • @prestpoutbeauty x @pete.motion
💖Don't mind me, just impatiently waiting for you to call me to book your brow appointment.... 💖 . #sweetdreams
👀 Peep these bad boys. 👀 #bladeandshade #yassss . 💅🏼I created this look with a combo of 2 incredible techniques, (microblading+shading), which creates more depth and drama with a soft powdered effect around the hair strokes I created. . 👏🏼Shoutout to @tinadaviesprofessional and @tinadaviesprofessionalgcc for these INCREDIBLE tools to help my artistry flow. 🤘🏼19 shader + 14 curve harmomy microblades @tinadavies , and LI Microedge Pigments and SOFT FX @lipigmentsaustralia @girlzinkstudio 🤘🏼
❤️ #WCW and #browprojectbeauty @marie_madore -> last day to vote for @maxims_finest --> go show this babe some love! ❤️ #Repost @marie_madore ・・・ Last day to vote for me for #MAXIMSFINEST today for this round. Help me get to the next round! ♥️ link in bio For those asking, I'm wearing @milanicosmetics Matte Lip Creme in "Loved" one of my fav shades! Lashes @ardell_lashes mega volume "251" Hoops @queenpee code "marie_xoxo" Current purple shampoo @fanola_usa
DEAD 😭😭😭 this is priceless- PLEASE LISTEN BROW ADDICTS 🤘🏼🤘🏼 #Repost @jamesmccoytaylor ( @get_repost) ・・・ DM me baby 😘 or tag sum1 with great brows 😘 •••wait • for • it••• 👀 #browgame #imweird #disneylife #tacos #chickfila #microblading @tacobell
💖Makes my heart skip a beat when I get sweet messages like this from my amazing brow project babes. 💖 #thankful
🤘🏼MAJOR FUTURE SQUAD GOALS 🤘🏼 😭This is so great I can't handle it! Who doesn't love some GOLDEN GIRLS?! 😆 👏🏼Do yourself a favor and follow @sainthoax for more priceless creations.👏🏼 🎶thank you for being a friend 🎶 #Repost @sainthoax ・・・ My friends and I in 40 years
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💅🏼 How to start every Monday morning.
From 0 brows to HERO brows-> real quick . 💅🏼Natural and conservative for this lovely lady.
🤘🏼Another masterpiece from @vladamua and @pete.motion 🤘🏼 #Repost @pete.motion ・・・ Copper Dreams • • @vladamua x @pete.motion
💅🏼S U N D A Y S are for CHAMPAGNE 💅🏼 . #brunch #prideparade #champagne
💖 Just imagine waking up everyday to beautifully shaped, and natural looking brows just like this. 💖 . @marie_madore this babe wakes up FLAWLESS between having microblading, lash extensions, and investing in skin treatments and quality skincare. 💕 . 💉👄 by the one we trust with our lips @lipsbysivan
📣PSA---> #notcute #browtrend #squigglybrows #sayno 📣 . Sorry to burst your bubble. 😏