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🏆 💛 Alexa Bliss 4 - 30 - 17 💛 🏆 🏆 💛 CM Punk 11 - 20 - 11 💛 🏆

Disasterpiece 💛🌙 @carmellawwe @cmpunk
"There's something inside me it feels... like breathing in Sulfur!" 💛 @sashabankswwe @cmpunk
"Question everything we clung to for years!" 💛 @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk
Drowning Pool - Sinner
"I'm a sinner..." 💛🌙 @carmellawwe @cmpunk
1 year ago today Sasha Banks won her first WWE Women's Champion on Raw and 6 years ago today CM Punk shocking return to the WWE. @sashabankswwe @cmpunk
Welcome 💛 @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk
I can't believe she lost... @sashabankswwe @cmpunk
Slipknot - Duality in Jay Leno
"If the pain goes on I'm not gonna make it" 💛🌙 @sashabankswwe @cmpunk
Spit It Out 💛 @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk
More tomorrow 💛🌙 @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk @sashabankswwe
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed in Conan
"I wander out where you can see inside my shell I wait and bleed" 💛🌙 @sashabankswwe @cmpunk
"I felt the hate rise up in me kneel down and clear the stone of leaves..." 💛 @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk
No Life 💛🌙 @sashabankswwe @cmpunk
Everything Ends 💛 @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk
"We let it all slip away!" 💛🌙 @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk @sashabankswwe
I've been busy today... hopefully tomorrow I have some time to make one. @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk
6 years ago today CM Punk leaves WWE with the WWE Champion at Money In The Bank in Chicago. @alexa_bliss_wwe_ @cmpunk