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18 y/o passionate photographer Based in Busswil, Switzerland fabio.zingg99@gmail.com Download my presets below:

Tongue chills with my buddy @dominiclars!
Preikestolen from above. You should better not sleepwalking while camping up there.
from "the Roof of Norway" down to the fjord! Rallarvegen an incredible cycle route which includes that winding road. Can you count the bends?
I'm lost at the lake, don't bother me.
Norway isn't just famous for its Fjords and waterfalls. It has a lot more to offer. Here an aerial shot from a valley where you can imagine, that this was once all a white blanket of glacier ice. It's crazy how the world changes every day, isn't it?
Hiked up "La Jonction" in the dark and got rewarded by some seriously stunning views. The Chamonix region with all its glaciers and massive mountains must be a paradise for all the adventurers and hikers out here.
230 kilometres of pure awesomeness.
My kind of watching a drama film in the cinema. Sitting on the Piz Languard while a thunderstorm is going on and having some talks with the hut owners. The last days have been crazy. With features from @instagram and the biggest newspaper from Switzerland. I'm super happy to say hello to all the new people who are following my work. It's a honor to show my pictures to such a big amount of people. Now it would be really interesting to see where you're all from? Let me know below in the comments.
Let's start the monday with some sweet fluffyness from the Faroe Islands.
One of the most amazing mornings of this summer yet. It's just an incredible feeling if you can find yourself in a place where you haven't seen thousand of photos of it.
Serene morning at Lej da Staz. A place that never disappoints on a autumn morning.
One of the better summer evenings I had this year. Ibex meet and greet on the top of Gornergrat.
Blue hour vibes! After our hike to Piz Languard I wasn't sure if we have our own rainbow mountains in Switzerland.
It's so interesting to observe nature in fall and see the process of the changing colours. Somehow I'm really stoked to go on a language stay to Great Britain with my best friends for two weeks but on the other side I'd love to spend more time in the mounains were the grasses and larches are getting that yellow color. You can't have it all unfortunately. But what I can say is, you definitely should go out these days and find yourself in a autumn paradise.
Serene monday mornings at Derborence lake. The fresh snow of the night made it a pretty special scenery.
Standing tall on that lush green meadow. The idyllic chapel of Meglisalp.
Oh Geiranger fjord.
A cozy evening on the island Kalsoy, right before we got hitted by a massive storm. Have you ever been there?
High up in the mountains. One of the most amazing huts I've stayed in so far. I couldn't believe my eyes when all the guests woke up at 6am to watch the sunrise on 3200m above sea level, like we did. From young to old, everyone had just the same love for mountains. #bealpine
Cabin sweet cabin.