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Larry and Lau🌍 fanpage|. ❤ " I don't dance for the artist I dance with the artist"📌. @officiallestwins dm 3x. I met the twins September 21st 😭❤️

How is she even standing Would’ve dropped a long time ago and they close oh my god💀❤️ @lestwinson @lestwinsoff #lestwinsclique
Too be honest like when was the last time they had a hangout a dance competition lives and all of that like come on now we need you🤦🏽‍♀️ REPOST AND TAG ELENI AND THE TWINS‼️‼️. Use the hashtag: #wewantlestwins. @lestwinson @lestwinsoff @officiallestwins
I have so many questions for Laurent especially Larry... 1: first of all where is the “kitchen” 2: second of all why is laurent in africa💀 3:is Larry in Africa to? With male since she had the nerve to post him💀 4: Larry why can’t you be closer with lau? Yeah I’m bored and shook so yeah💀 @lestwinson @lestwinsoff #lestwinsclique
This is honestly my favorite video❤️ @lestwinsoff @lestwinson @officiallestwins #lestwinsclique
This feels so unreal like wtf💀 and Larry kept sneaking glances at me like wtf and Laurent called me cute like just fu--🙂🙂 plus Larry pointed at me and I think that was my favorite part tbh and they smell sooooooooo good💀
Congratulations I always knew they was going ti make it since the beginning 🙌🏾 When I watched this I was jumping and screaming then tears came out of NO WHERE😭❤️ and can we just talk about this hug it's the cutest thing😫 @lestwinsoff @lestwinson @offciallestwinsigs credit: @lbfchannel❤️❤️
I just want to say congratulations @lestwinson and @lestwinsoff for making it🙌🏾 I cried to I can't lie this dance was so emotional and deep and they went from growing up in the streets ( hood ) to being one of the best dancers on earth💙. I don't blame Larry for getting emotional I would've been emotional to👏🏾 but can we talk about how much brotherly love moments was in this episode😭 the hug was everything and the way Larry looked at Laurent was so cute my heart basically melted❤️. @officiallestwins #lestwinsclique #feelbetterlau #famliy #wod #finale