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just hangin' in my garden y'all!! yee yee! this mornin paw and i rode the tractor to walmart to get sum flowers xoxo now they are so perty!!
hey guys i'm here with my kid! honestly he looks really weird, and i'm not sure why he's so hairy but I love him either way!! remember never discriminate even when your own son looks like a dog!
hey ladies! just a pic of me in front of my new private pool rawr xD definitely not a lake! so don't think that! after i made millions off of my pizza facial invention i got it installed! anything is possible ladies
so everyone's asking for my facial treatment and how I got my face so clear! well it's really simple actually all you have to do is order a pizza from Domino's and give yourself a pizza facial make sure your order a pepperoni pizza because pepperoni has the most grease in it and grease is really good for your face and it is really moisturizing! hope this helps! subscribe for more tutorials :)!
howdy y'all! it's country boy n8than here! i'm just stopping by to say YEE HAW PUT A BIG OL' DIP IN! ride em cow boy! today i'm excited! maw and paw are lettin' me go muddin <33 so excited!
honestly why clean the mirror when you can have it dirty lmao?? like honestly when you lick a mirror it tastes SO much better when it's not been cleaned! like you guys know what i mean?? it just has like more flavor and stuff! ugh, everyone should try it!
here's my summer makeup look! Tag someone who would love this style 😍🔥(FOLLOW ME @NathanTriska FOR MORE!)😙 - Products Used: A brush a lemon a pencil egg ketchup chips highlight stuff baby powder bandaids wet stick thing - #Makeup #MakeupTutorial #MakeupVideos #MakeupVideo #DailyMakeup #MakeUpRoutine #Transformation #BeautyGuru #MUA #Makeupartist #tutorial #makeuphack #Musically #covergirl #DIY #Prank #Comedy #starbucks #makeupclips #musically #ComedyVideo #hair #makeupbyme #IGmakeup #FxMakeup #SpecialEffects #FidgetSpinner #FaceMask
hey guys wanted to show you my new camo shirt in this pic :) it looks really good! if you want it, it's from a store called "you're born with it and i'm actually NOT wearing a camo shirt haha i just PRANKED 😂🙏🏼 YOU 💁🏼 OOOO GOT YOU! how does that make you feel ;)
i'm currently live and i'm letting my broadcast write the caption... here's what they came up with: Fick I love you Daddy king turtle happy thick king Queen slaking fix king daddy love Burger King baby girl Nathan I love you number I love you Jake up yo love baby girl love Daddy love love OPI love you blue king what Nathan LOL love nathan flat Jazmin know Daddy sleigh hi Ellie music king daddy love baby happy Joe for Dad jam chicken salad cream small Leslie LU frog. *** Thank you, we worked hard on this caption!***
broke my nose smh... guys this is not a prank. as u can see in this pic it's REALLY bad! the doctor told me the only way i could get better is if you send me money, a new car, and lots of candy to my house. dm me for the info, thanks for the concern. oh and also if you send me boneless pizza that's the only food i can eat right now .. thanks! ❤️🙏🏼
hey ladies your local Tumblr boy here, just dropping by to take over the world! let's start with stick and poke tattoos, glossy colors, and aesthetic music compilations that last 2 hours. we're re-inventing all of that, and just replacing those things with fidget spinners. this is the change we need, and this is what i will do if i become president. thank u, vote for me xoxo *giggles*
hanging out with my twins :) they are kinda far in the back but they look just like me :)) i never knew i had so many family members! they don't really talk much but you know what that's okay! i used to be shy too!
something new for you guys! since you all loved when i invented the colors blue and orange, i decided to invent yellow too! i like this color a lot, and i hope you guys do too! this color is also really cheap, it's only $400 to wear!! send the coins to my paypal if you want to wear yellow xoxo 💖💖🔥
mirror mirror on the wall, who's the thiccest of them all?? oh it's me!! lol rawr how did i know xD :333!!?? well obviously i'm the thiccest in all the land i'm pretty sure we all knew this!! step aside nicki minaj, kween of thicc is here to stay 😘🙏🏼
went to my daddy justin biebers house and he wasn't home :// so i sat on his porch waiting for him to come out and he never did!! ugh. update: i'm still here waiting to see if he will come out, it's been about 3 days and so far is going pretty well. i've heard a lot of someone screaming "GET OFF MY PORCH!" so i think he's coming out soon :)! i'll keep you all updated!