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A year ago today we were hard at work building a platform that would connect the world in a different way. We didn't set out to be "different"; we set out to respond to a generation that needed to share their artistic voice in a way that mattered. A few days from now, you'll understand why INDISTRY TV was created, how it can be part of everyone's life, and why we're immensely grateful for the many partners who, along the way, believed in us and is helping us carry the torch to the finish line. We look forward to sharing it and collaborating with all of you! #launchingsoon #digitalmedia #millennials #entertainment #somethingnew #grateful #bepartofthestory
With INDISTRY TV you can WATCH TV shows, independent movies, talks, and exclusive live stream events.  In addition to original programs, INDISTRY TV is calling for submissions for new content; so whether you're a filmmaker, content producer, or emerging music artist, INDISTRY TV is your platform for distribution! Check us out and submit your work at  Don't forget to Sign Up next week to be a part of INDISTRY TV! #BePartoftheStory
UPDATES!! INDISTRY TV has so much coming! Everyone get ready because NEXT WEEK our Beta goes live! We’ll be bringing you never-before-seen shows, upcoming live stream events, and interactive features across some of the content! In the meantime, don’t forget to enter our “Tag your Friends and Win” contest for a NEW Apple Watch! See our last post and start tagging now to win. Check us out at and SIGN UP next week to be a part of INDISTRY TV! #BePartoftheStory
Are you ready for something new and different in entertainment?! Come check out what INDISTRY has to offer and you will be eligible to win an Apple Watch! On September 21st, we will be beta-launching INDISTRY, the first-of-its kind streaming service that offers content shaped by its audience, where viewers can watch, shop, connect, and interact all within a single screen! Movies, Live streams, TV shows, and more! But before then we want everyone to start to #BeAPartOfTheStory! If you tag 3 friends in the comments and follow our Instagram page before October 15th, YOU will be eligible to win a NEW Apple Watch!! We will announce the winner Live on October 21st, so everyone start commenting, stay tuned for updates, and check out for more!!
Want an exclusive sneak peek at all of the shows, live stream events, music, brands and more? Follow us to hear it first! #bepartofthestory
INDISTRY is at New York Fashion Week tonight and all this week -- with Dr Tabasum Mir! Stay tuned to watch all of her upcoming episodes on INDISTRY! Get on our email list now on to be the first to hear about all new shows, livestream events and our premier party next month! #bepartofthestory
INDISTRY is at New York Fashion Week Tonight and all this week -- with Julian Andrew! Stay tuned for all of his upcoming "STREET STYLE" episodes on INDISTRY! #nyfw #streetstyle #bepartofthestory
INDISTRY is at New York Fashion Week tonight and all this week with Dr Tabasum Mir! Stay tuned for all of her upcoming episodes on INDISTRY!
Our website is now live! Check it out! Content creators, independent filmmakers, and emerging music artists... submit your work now for consideration and be part of a new kind of platform that not only allows you to watch, shop, share or interact with the audience... but one that's using entertainment for social good. #bepartofthestory
For us it's not just about hearing what you have to offer the world, we wanted to do more. So we built INDISTRY to give you the tools and a place to activate your passions, tell your stories, and help amplify your music. Coming soon next month is INDISTRY's beta launch of our new EMERGING artist channel, and we want to hear from you emerging artists! If you're an independent artist with new music, music videos, a great story to tell, the drive to be successful and think you deserve a channel within INDISTRY (and for us to help market and promote you & your talent) then go to and show us why! #indistrytv #emergingartists #bepartofthestory
"Having played since I was 3, and writing songs at 10 years old, music was always a part of my life. But while it wasn't meant to be my career, I have a deep respect for music, for the artists that create it, and those that work hard to make a living from it. It's this passion that helped shape the vision for our Emerging Artist Channel.... a launching pad for new artists and a partnership in which we get to support these young artists on their journey to the top. I'm obsessed with new artists!! I've made this almost a personal mission". - Mary Landaverde, CEO / INDISTRY TV Sign up now for free on
The same but different. That's us. As leaders of Indistry TV, it's about building a creative community that wants to make a positive impact, while celebrating our differences. Growing up people used to say "wow. Twins!" ...and we'd say "yeah but we're different." Indistry was created with that principle. Similar creators, stories, music, mission...but different. We love that! Go to to #bepartofthestory
Exciting things coming... #raisingthebar #indistrytv #bepartofthestory
We had a blast last month in LA celebrating INDISTRY's newest Emerging Artist, @gregmarks bday and single release party! Check his channel out when we launch later this month! Don't forget to sign up on to get the scoop on our upcoming launch party and how you can get VIP access (incl tix to the secret concert w/ a special guest!)
INDISTRY is close to launch! Designed for the millennial-centric audience who love music, sports, lifestyle brands and entertainment, INDISTRY is a first of its kind OTT platform where audiences around the world 🌎 will be able to shop as they watch, socialize, and interact with content all on one screen. A game-changer in VOD and live entertainment, INDISTRY delivers original tv shows, films, indie music and so much more. No commercials! Sign up now for your promotional 60-day FREE trial to #bepartofthestory @indistrytv #entertainment #tvshows #digitalmedia #ott #streaming #popculture #millennials #emergingartist #tv #lifestyles #brands #brandedcontent #brandambassador
This is Chicago. So many inspiring people creating stories in tv, film and music in this city, every DAY! Wow! Chicago, you make us proud! If you're one of them, we want to know! Hit us up! #raisingthebar #emergingartists #tv #entertainment #newhollywood #chicago
Wow! What an amazing night speaking about #raisingthebar in #digitalstorytelling @virginhotelschi! Chicago has some incredibly talented people! Thanks @2112inc and @stage18chicago for inviting us to be part of this event, ... & @showbizshelly you're the best moderator!!! #raisingthebar #chicagotalent #tv #indiefilms #entertainment #inspiring #loveourwork
Once in a long time there comes a talent which stands out from all the others. At 16, Greg Marks has been writing and co-producing his own music. With his newly released hit single, "Letting Go" (available on ITunes/Spotify), along with other exclusive content, we're so excited to premier Greg's very own channel coming soon on INDISTRY! Like our page, and sign up now on to get free VIP access to his and other celebrity channels, TV shows and well as news on our upcoming launch and live stream event!!
What you see is what you get. Seriously. Or should we say....interactively? Sign up on to get updates on our launch event and free VIP access! #indistrytv #bepartofthestory #new #raisingthebar #celebrityreel #emergingmusic