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I ain't gon front this hurt me last night I just sat for a minute silent. Been following and studying @therealdickgregory for years and just didn't wanna let him go. I felt like he was a superhero the way he said what he wanted didn't hold nothing back and could make u laugh in the process. Powerful soul that did great work and fulfilled his purpose here. Thank you for wisdom courage charisma and don't give a f*ck attitude, I learned a lot. #ripDickGregory #thelegend Signed The Student
Once upon a time in New York...🌃🏙🌆🌇🌉 #cityofdreams
Be ya own boss @bossmancasino 💰💰💰💰
Be such a dope soul that people crave your vibes
Litty in the beach wit my brudda @reallilscrappy #LEOseason #Miami
Mama Joyce stay litty #LEOSeason
Thank God for another year! Champagne Chu, a toast to life. #Aug11 #LEOseason
Fuk it It's LEO season let's have some fun ya dig! #wildthots #wildthoughts #MiamiNights #mightaswellPDiddyonem #Aug11 #ayyyyyye
We might look in different directions but the vision remains the same.... @theco_oplive ya dig! @imwillywill #Follownorules #theco_oplive
G5 wit my fam @kae_state ya dig. #miaminights #LexingtonHustlers 💵💵💵
Love who you are and embrace who you are becoming... ya dig
Never stop dreaming #DrKingsbirthhome
So I got a surprise this week. My fam pulled up on me and it was great! Loved every minute of it!
We done been down for a minute, I done been down now I'm liven @jacquees #4275 #GGC #NSG #v103carandbikeshow
Big ol facts @eastsidejody367 real talk!
The caption tho all facts 💯💯💯💯💯
Pulled up on my OG, big homie @djgregstreet wit the fam @reallilscrappy @djteethebarber_ @ninablanka ! Good vibes as usual! Street always 💯💯💯💯 #v103carandbikeshow #GGC #6oclock ya dig Side note my bruh @bigzakatl got the hardest intro in radio history ever!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 its 6 o'clock turn to Greg street!! #thepeoplesstation
I rather smile for no reason instead of having a reason to be mad ya dig!!!