50 Cent

50 Cent @50cent


We are gonna get them 2 front teeth back before Christmas. Lol
It going down this Friday we Lit πŸ”₯
He looks at me like I can do anything. finally someone who looks at me, like i look at me.
Guess who took the iPad to school and just started buying up sh!t. LOL πŸ˜†
If you are dating a women and she isn't working on anything chances are she's working on you fool. LOL
Now playing money by the hour check this out . #smsaudio
@rotimimusic πŸ˜†is out there killing shit already. Lol NOBODY ft 50 & TI
πŸ˜† I still want this hoody, baby is Ill he don't give a fuck. LOL #smsaudio
You better back up with the bullshit. back day, I'm getting Frigo fit 6 weeks till I shoot. #Getfitordietrying
Im out here, I'm not playing around. you see me getting the job done. πŸ’°Get with me #smsaudio
All I do is win, I get the green light 🚦πŸŽ₯
Happy Easter to you and yours, God bless.