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One of our stunning #JWCbrides, Nahrin. It was the utmost pleasure making her #bridalcouture sweetheart #ballgown. Merry times for the beautiful couple! • • #wedding #happy #love #goals #australianwedding #melbourne #melbournewedding #weddingdress #sayyestothedress
♡ Chocker & shoes by @chelchith_ Top chosen by @_xxzgoh @serena_hl @msguapo Watch by @amber_minmin Smile by all of you💕 - I treasure each and every one of you out there - On a side note: 1 more day to mid week🖒🤗
#aboutlastnight Doing the most unbritish thing...... Taking a photo of my photo on the screen 😎 Took a mega load of meditation to block out the noise, focus and make some bold choices, but glad I did, about this time last year. Fruits of my labor. One year later..... #growth #doyou #Rotterdamfestival party #cannes2017 #motivation #womeninfilm #womeninbusiness #entrepreneurship #entrepreneur #mindfulness #wellness
Caption this transformation?? For online coaching or advice go to my website #transformationtuesday
Been a year since I've been home 😭
DETOX O eso dicen,pk sabe a rayos😖 un poquito de manzana,apio,espinacas,limón y jengibre🍃👌🏼
Quarta-feira em João Pessoa.
I can't wait until February 2018 to prep again. This was a 4 month contest prep from the end of December to April. I went from around 157 lbs to my lowest at 138.6 lbs during that prep. I'm currently around 157 lbs now and I'm significantly leaner and bigger than I was in December of 2015. Gains have definitely been made! - - - This is why it's so important for natural bodybuilders to take time off between contest seasons and actually give yourself time to recover from contest prep and to make progress in a calorie surplus. I'll keep gaining until February but I'm excited to see how my physique looks once I'm at single digit body fat by summer of 2018! @maxhypetraining is no joke. We've made all kinds of gains since I started running it back in November! - - - - #cuttingedgephysiques #maxhypetraining #competitivebreed #naturalbodybuilding #aesthetics #abs #transformation #transformationtuesday #fatloss #shredded #iifym #flexibledieting #wnbf #contestprep #progress #offseason #gains #time #iphone #superman #aesthetic #dieting #cardio #workout #gym #trainhard #training
Why are all the Venice locals always gettin up in my business? 🤔🤔 #dontneedyourluck
Shoelove! #giveaway 💘 My new grey @adidas NMD just came in and I can't wait to wear it at the gym #girlthing 👯 And guess what - I've another €25 @zalando gift card for you! One girl who likes this photo and leave 👟 in the comments will receive the gift card. Winner will be announced on this post on Saturday lovelies 💘 #adidas #zalando #sneakerlovers #houseofhuber //
We're all looking at the same sky; we're not so different after all 🌤
Happy vs Sad. 💥 If you've followed me and read my stories, you know that I struggled with my weight as a young guy. It came as a result of a broken home. I turned to food for comfort. I was always bubbly, smiling and cracking jokes but it was the most unhappy I could ever imagine being. I still carry the same happy demeanour and I'm now motivated. I've created my own family which has led me to happiness I never thought I deserved. That look I give myself isn't that of being unhappy, it's that of hunger and drive. I'm going to continue to build the best life possible for me and my family. We deserve it. #strongtothefinish2017 #transformationtuesday #transformation #smile
Glossy lips or matte lips? Which is your favourite? #emilyskyebeauty
A lot of blood, sweat, and YEARS here! Figured I'll post this transformation cuz 1) it's Tuesday but not sure why it matters lol 2) you guys always get a kick out of my perms-bulk face(when my intake was >5000cal a day) and 3) more importantly to show I've literally been through it all!...Since day one I've been my own coach, and will remain so. Top Left I believe I topped out at about 189lbs in 2014. Bottom Left was 09/10 at about 120lbs. And the most recent photo was a couple days ago weighing in at 156lbs, 13 Days Out. Oh and did I mention my current conditioning was brought to you all by Flexible Dieting and tracking Macros🤘💪 @LiranzoFit #LFTeam #6.5YearsOfNaturalBodybuilding
One day I will for sure be a father❤️. I'm going to raise a family and surround them with love, adventure and fun! Until then, I'm gonna soak up these precious moments as an uncle. I feel so damn lucky to have such amazing nieces and nephews. #family
Had A Great Weekend Celebrating The Wells!! Beautiful Bride & Wedding!! So Honored To Be Apart Of Your Special Day!! 👰🏻💕💍🥂 #WishingOnAWell #TeamBride #TaleAsOldAsTime #WeddingFun #LoveThem