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he's on vacation, do not disturb (thx for following 👉 @chaos.reigns_ 😃)
They love to be petted! From: @milperthusky
"Commonly referred to as snow monkeys, Japanese macaques can be spotted soaking in the onsen (hot springs) at Jigokudani in Japan in winter. This juvenile kept making the most adorable facial expressions whilst playing with its mother." #EarthCapture by @moanaghiandoni
From @meumundogolden "Surprise! It's a new puppy " #insta_pups
@Purina is committed to improving the lives of pets, every day – they believe every ingredient they use has a purpose. They employ hundreds of experts that evaluate every detail of their ingredient origins – from weather patterns to air quality to livestock management practices. Why? Because all of these factors can affect quality. Click the link in our bio to read about Purina’s commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients and what that means for the health and well-being of your pets. #PurinaPartner
The struggle...😂😍 By @sora.thewelsh