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😍 Swipe to see some of my top picks. Beyond talented, thank you guys for this art. 🙏🏾♥️💋
We love you......... And that's for real #F8
Swipe to see BTS pics of #NoFrauds - you can now watch the video on Tidal, iTunes & Spotify 🎀 #NoFraudsOnVEVO 🚷 #LoveToLondon ♥️
The look that you give the person in the front row when you smell what was obviously a fart. #DopePic #ComedicRockstarShit
Comme vous le savez j'ai choisi @bbryance pour avoir un sourire parfait ! Mon kit goût Fraise🍓 m'accompagne partout... Il y a pleins d'autres produits qui sont disponibles sur le site dont des gels de blanchiment dentaire mais également des dentifrices ou encore des brosses à dents et des strips ! Profitez vite de - 20% avec le code 💋ELSA20💋 sur 👌🏻 #ad #sponsoring @shaunaevents
Ppl always ask me what my Chinese tattoo means. #GodIsWithMeAlways on my way to shoot the #LightMyBodyUp video a few weeks ago... inches on floor level 😜
Today is our 5yr anniversary of "Think Like A Man" AKA the movie that changed my life. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for this amazing cast who are now my brothers & sisters. I love & miss u guys! It's crazy how fast time flies #thinklikeaman #familyforever
Notice how Michael Jackson is looking and watching Stevie Wonders every move........ Oh how I just LOVE this photo..... So young so impressionable - remember I said it - the REAL greats know how to humble themselves, watch and study..... and ask a million questions........ When it comes to the Stars, moguls, developers, designers and billionaires I'm always ALL EARS and EYES watching and studying in my mind RIP To just being Rich And RIP to just having wealth...... My mind is stuck on making moves now to create real GENERATIONAL WEATLH for my family and legacy...... This is me in damn never every room I walk in......... #VoltronChairman #Vision #UnbearableFocus #VoltronStudiosHollywood #VoltronEnterprises
Legacy • Mystique • One of the last true stars from the original generation • Its raining in purple since you've been gone..... #RIPKingPrince #MusicGod
Il faut savoir profiter de ces moments... #sun #ensemble #lac #lyon #water
@myxfusions just won 3 silver & 1 GOLD medal in a National Wine Tasting Competition 👅👅👅 #GetInTheMYX 🍑🍇🍓🥝🍍🍒🍐 #1 moscato in the country 🎀😍🎀
Came home back to LA with some #UAE history lessons- Mr Khalaf Al Habtoor who's a self made multi billionaire real estate hotel tycoon with a heart of gold taught me about these 2 great selfless visionaries the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and the well regarded, honorable and respected founder and former president of the overall #UAE Shiekh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Rest In Peace - Great minds and now I'm going to study and really try and understand their stories and history and accomplishments even more........ Spreading love and light always.....
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @4everkelz #NoFrauds 🚷 I'm so happy I don't have these kinds of friendships wit my girl friends 😭😂😩we could kill each other privately but we never take it to social media. My friendships 20 years strong 🏋️ #ImSoFknRichICopRidesForMyBtchs🚗 I dollar menu fries apple pies other btchs. 🍟 Btchs my btchs! I need a nigga wit some different strokes- Todd bridges - shout out to my MAIN btchs & my SIDE btchs! 👅👅👅 🎶🎵
Swipe to see what these publications had to say about the #NoFrauds VIDEO. Thank you guys! #NoFraudsOnVEVO 🚷💋♥️ #DailyBeast definitely has a way with words. Lol 😍😍😍😍😍🎀
Ну привет😍❤🙈 как всегда только у проверенных @moscowtradeclub #дождалась😍 #пасибородной😘❤
Buscando a Walter White y su furgo⚡️| Que se acaba el finde pero no pasa nada!!
แก๊ซเปลี่ยนเสียง ฮาาาาาา 👽
Me and my Brii @bridgethelene at COACHELLA 2017 👌🏼👭🎡 #coachella
5月6日各務ヶ原でのイベント詳細がアップされました🤗 皆様にお会い出来るの楽しみにしてます☺️☺️ * 前回各務ヶ原でのイベント決定をアップしたら沢山の方からコメント頂きました🤗 ありがとうございます☺︎ #LINEブログはURLから飛べるようになってます
Me encanta el vídeo de esta pareja! Envíenme los suyos! Feliz Sant Jordi! Love this cute couple's video! Send me yours! Shak #ShakiraMeEnamoré