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Been seeing posts over the weekend from some of my favourite curvy women that I follow on here regarding hate comments, especially when Fashion Nova reposts a picture of them. For others it's easier said than done to not let words affect you BUT I promise you it only makes you stronger. I would honestly hate to see these women remove their accounts from Instagram due to hate like they said they would do. I was bullied growing up so for me I've built thick skin & I've learnt to not give a f*ck what others have to say. I don't even listen to my own family when they give their opinions on MY body💁 so I would say it's easier for me to ignore, block and delete. I hope everyone continues to build up their confidence and self love, which honestly helps to forget the hate. You're clearly doing something right for someone to waste their time writing comments that they would probably never say to your face 💁. Keep making the impact that you're making, focus on those goals you have and focus on learning to love yourself unconditionally ❤
🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎 or 🍫? 300 calories each! Which would you choose? I hope this visual shows how the volume and quantity of your chosen food can vary greatly depending on the product🍎 You can probably fill up on 300 calories of apples, but don't expect to be full after 300 calories of 🍫 ⭐️🍎
Back with the 🇬🇧girls today 👉 squad diagnostics to kick the week off!! 💪🏋🏻‍♀️🚴‍♀️🏃‍♀️ #jump #lift #sprint #run #cycle #fitness #targets
Super cute 😍 Yes or No? 👌🏻 Via @fashionzine By @kinsleyraina
Ladylike or badass black tape? 🖤💖 Left photo @norman_noten #blacktape
Treino MMII com @personaljanu (ênfase em posteriores ) 1° Bloco Realizar todos os exercícios na sequência sem descanso 1- Flexora em pé 6x15/15/12/12/10/10 (aumentando carga) 👉🏾 2- Passada até prox Aparelho 👉🏾 3- Cad Flexora 1x30/20/10/10/5/5 (aumentando carga max 10seg descanso)👉🏾 4- Cad Adutora 1x100👉🏾 5- Mesa Flexora 5/5/10/10/20/30(diminuindo carga max 10 seg descanso)👉🏾 6- Cad Abdutora 1x100👉🏾 Fim do 1° Bloco ------------------------------------------ #nainteGra #treinodagra #teamgracyanne #VemPraMax #bumbumnanuca #treinoanimal #teammaxtitanium #teammadrugao #fit #fitness
Bom dia! Olha quem quer ir treinar comigo!!! Meu querido Nestor!🐶🐶🐶 #pet #petlover #treino #musculação #workout #gym #academia #fitness #superandoossinaisdotempo #boaformaaossessenta #ageless