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El día que comprendí que lo único que me voy a llevar de este mundo es lo que viví día a día, el amor que sentí, cada experiencia, cada momento, emociones y demás.. empecé a vivir lo que realmente me quiero llevar de esta maravillosa aventura⚡️🙏🏻 . . #life #lifeisone #happiness #moments #enjoy #ocean #beach #sun #sunnyday #relax #love #loveit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fun #cool #amazing #igers #photo #photooftheday #mylife #positive #vibes #energy #style #fashionstyle #out #body #goals #quotes
do you regret the last person you were with?🥀
“I hope the way they treated your love haunts them forever. The way you poured your soul into them, the way you turned every darkness they had into light. The way you kissed their forehead when they were in pain and supported them through the most terrible times of their lives. May they long for you in the moments when they are looking for someone who loves them, who understands them, and can find no one who does it so well as you.
I hope the way they let you go haunts them forever. You deserved better because you stayed up night after night to speak to them when they were in pain, travelled miles for them just to see them because they needed you that day. You deserved better from someone you trusted with your heart, who demanded your surrender and then left you for someone else, someone who they said was better. May their eyes always look away in shame when someone mentions your name.
I hope that one day their ghost leaves your dreams and you aren’t haunted by them forever. May your soul heal from the wounds they inflicted callously by treating your love like it meant nothing, ever. Repeat to yourself every night before you fall into that fitful sleep:
“I deserved better than this. And I will love again.”
Because that is the truth, darling. That is the purest truth about you. You deserve someone who treats your love like it is more precious than anything else in the world. You deserve someone who looks at your effort and considers themselves fortunate for having someone who cares so much in their world.
I hope that you forget the way they treated you and someone else treats you a thousand times better. Your ability to love has been tested with fire and you may be burned, but you have come out alive despite all your tears. Your heart has been broken, but it is strong enough to mend. You have fallen in love before and you will fall in love again.
May the next person you fall in love with, treasure your heart the way it deserves and never breaks it or rips it at the seems. I hope the next person you love gives you all the respect, the love and the truth that you need."
Comment "❤" if you love someone. Or tag them 😌 - "And maybe love isn’t always a kiss on a forehead but rather a hug and a kiss that say’s “I’m sorry let’s not fight” than spilling words out to each other in the heat of the moment that you would regret later. Maybe it isn’t about buy her diamond ring’s and lace underwear excepting her to wear it for you later that night. Maybe it’s leaving her pill bottle next to her phone with a glass of water as a reminder that thing’s can get better with a little help. Maybe love isn’t about giving fifty fifty each way, maybe it’s about giving 100 when that person greatest demons come to visit for the day. Maybe love isn’t about writing about how beautiful her body was the first time you saw it and how you’d have never seen anything more raw and natural. Maybe it’s about writing how she makes your soul dance in the rain of sunshine and how it also makes your heart ache from time to time when both sides are being stubborn. Maybe it’s not about a vow that you both swear to keep but a understanding that sometimes things don’t work out and sometimes they do. Maybe it’s not about saying I love you every second of every day but showing that love in the simplest of ways like “call me when you get home so I know you’re safe.” Maybe, just maybe you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places and maybe even the wrong people. Maybe the kind of love that you are so hell bound on searching for is taking your pills without no one reminding you or dying your hair the color of the sky because that’s the only time when you feel closest to your real self. Maybe the kind of love that you are searching for in another person is already right in front of you when you look in the mirror. Maybe that’s where you’ll find your one true love. Maybe it isn’t a her or him or someone but a you, maybe just maybe you can find the love that you long for in yourself and maybe just maybe if you’re lucky enough you’ll also meet a person who makes your heart dance in the rain. Maybe that’s what love is, loving yourself or maybe it’s not. I don’t know but when I do I’ll let you know."
Whose man
Menciona a tu pareja. 💑 #dichosdenovios #frases #quotes #love 👉 Sigue a: @NochesDeTextos. 💕
In order to achieve things we must stand up for what we believe in 🙌🏽 our dreams and goals will never be given to us we must strive everyday to achieve them 👑 - - Photographer 📸 @jaydenhoskin
6. Effects of long-term emotional abuse by significant others, boyfriends or girlfriends include: . 1. Depression 2. Withdrawal 3. Low self-esteem and self-worth 4. Emotional instability 5. Sleep disturbances 6. Physical pain without cause 7. Suicidal ideation, thoughts or attempts 8. Extreme dependence on the abuser 9. Underachievement 10. Inability to trust 11. Feeling trapped and alone 12. Substance abuse . . Stockholm Syndrome is also common in long-term abuse situations. In Stockholm Syndrome, the victim is so terrified of the abuser that the victim overly identifies and becomes bonded with the abuser in an attempt to stop the abuse. The victim will even defend their abuser and their emotionally abusive actions. . . I got this from an article on . . . . . . . #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #health #selflove #love #selfcare #mindfulness #wellness #quotes #life #inspiration #meditation #positivity #lifestyle #support #motivation #healthylifestyle #mindset #awareness #happiness #thoughts #happy #instadaily #nature #scenery #photography #sea #ocean #wow
When they ask me what I do for a living, I tell them “whatever it takes”.