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Lovely ... | by Decorating Den Interiors |
This pagani is so dope! @dopeallure
As the sun sets off the light blue waters of La Jolla tonight our city is focused on the weekends. Because the best days start with an S and the best times are free of charge. A massive thank you to @markparrottfilms for being our partner on so much of our recent video work and it's been great to see a Floridian see La Jolla with a completely fresh set of eyes. From the Mount Soledad Cross memorial and beauty to the undulating sea cliffs that make up the western face of our coastline. Here's some unreleased video from Marks massive library and I thought it would be nice to share as we all start thinking about all the fun we're going to have in the clear air of coastal California. Enjoy the weekend everyone!!! 🏄🚁🍾🐎😎😘