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It's been a long day, my bed is waiting for me 😴😴😴 🌬 DON'T FORGET TO FIX YOUR WRIST ON THARYCOLLECTION.COM 🙌🏽 #wristwear #selfie #wristporn #armcandy #girls #westcoast #instagirl #womensfashion #inkedgirls #menstyle #neckwear #necklace #accessories #inked #inkgirls #exotic #girl #tattooedgirls #inkedgirls #atl #westcoast #vegas
How to not get hit on 👑 ( @matthewsantoro @iamstevenspence @stephaniekaymeyer #AmandaCerny ) TAG YOUR FRIENDS
New post in talking about smart shopping. 🙌🏻💃🏻 // Nuevo artículo en y les cuento la forma de hacer compritas sin gastar tanto en @puntanorte. 😉 #pamallier #puntanorte #springblossom
👊⚽️🔥 #HalaMadrid 🗓 Tomorrow / Mañana ⏰ 16:15 CEST 🆚 Valencia 🏟 Santiago Bernabéu 🏆 #LaLiga
A new video is up!! It's a cinematic OUTFITS OF THE WEEK here in Thailand 🌴 click the link in my bio to watch and comment this emoji 🦄🦄🦄 and I'll reply! Also currently editing my bikini haul video it will be up Sunday 1PM PST
Transcribed some notes by @cameronallenmusic. Does your lip also itch after you play harmonics?
Let the sun shine so I can sport my own @lindafarrow designed sunglasses.
Got my new (old) guitar today, a 1964 Guild F-20 Troubadour. I can't put it down...such a warm tone. Too bad y'all can't hear it since I'm singing over it 😜 - - #guild #guildguitars #guitar #guildf20 #billwithers #vintageguitar #aintnosunshinewhenshesgone #singer
Mama soy un bus
Your #MyDentistIsWeird tweets did not disappoint! #FallonTonight
📸 Real Madrid 2-1 Valencia ⚽ 27' @Cristiano 🙌 ⚽ 86' @marcelotwelve 🙌 #RMLiga #HalaMadrid
This last trip to Bali has been wonderful! This time around, I've rediscovered this wonderful island with Ghassan. We've been traveling together for sometime now and doing this makes the whole thing so much better. This last time in Bali was out of this world. We've been riding our rickety bike in the rice fields and hectic traffic. We've explored much of what the island has to offer, we've had wonderful chats and food. My love, as long as we're together, home can be everywhere we go. In the end, all the style, money and privilege is worthless if we don't have love in our lives and a great heart to share it with ❤❤❤ Este último viaje a Bali ha sido un sueño. He descubierto un nuevo Bali muy diferente al que vi el año pasado en mi primera visita... todo gracias a él. Levantarme a su lado cada mañana, aventurarnos a lo desconocido en nuestra moto destartalada, explorar, disfrutar, charlar y comentar todo con mi motor, mi mejor amigo, mi amor. Contigo iría a cualquier lugar del mundo, porque cualquier lugar del mundo sería mi hogar si tú estuvieras allí. #love #lovelypepatravels #indonesia #bali #lovelypepa #agtogether #picoftheday
What an amazing day.... Jake Paulers.... we did it... I cannot thank you enough🙌🏻 I dedicate so much time to my craft. Thanks to everyone who voted for me. It truly means the world. Thanks to my Mom & Dad. You guys taught me everything I know. Thanks to Disney channel. You gave me this opportunity to shine. Thanks to Team 10 & everyone behind the scenes of my social media. Nick, Erika, Kade, Jack, and everyone who's on Team 10 who's in front of the camera. Thanks to everyone who comes back every single day to watch. And if you need some inspiration to go & conquer life, just remember, 3 years ago I was falling asleep in class with my teachers yelling at me everyday, telling me I wouldn't amount to anything. This ones for them. Always hustle, always follow your dreams, and don't be normal. Normal is boring, & normal = average. Don't be average..... but this is twice in one day that I've gotten deep on you guys😂 sorry. Goodnight/morning. It's everyday bro.
Back in the studio. Great tour x good behavior = zero downtime 💥🥊
A lemon coloured life 🍋
Young and skilled | By @recker | #drumsdaily
Take me back to Bali and sweet wanderings wearing @faithfullthebrand please! 🌴 #faithfulltravels