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Mini-historia💫💫 ¿Que opinan sobre el aborto? Bueno acá en chile lo legalizaron solo para los 3 causales(sufre daño el bebe,sufre daño la mamá o violación) •izzie• #foreverlectora #izzielectora #libros #lectura #instagram #izzie #books #instalike #instagram #crush #instago #insta #foreverlectora #izzie #10k #10000seguidores
Yess YOU go slay her 😂💓 you were mature about it too
Where is the lie. #ya #dystopia #dystopian #books
Tag urself im the tree that was cut down - YOU GUYS U G U YS ITS LAURA DREYFUSS'S BIRTHDAY JDJAJAJ MY G I RL??? I LOVE HER SM @HOLY FUCK @hotdamnitslaura HAPPY BDAY BBY - Word of the day: ((adjective)) •(of a person) reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little. | Recommendation of the day: idk yo but coconut water can apparently be used in blood transfusion so,,, thats a thing - - tumbling tags:🌤 { #drarry #hp #heroesofolympus #hogwarts #harrypotter #destiel #spn #supernatural #feminism #fandoms #otp #tumblr #textposts #memes #gay #fanfiction #lgbt #bamf #wizards #books #movies #pjo #feminist #percyjackson #tumblrtextpost #percabeth #musicals #solangelo #broadway #music }
MMMM MY BEST FRIEND/CRUSH(well call her j from now on) IS TALKING ABOUT A CUTE FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT IN HER CLASS AND SAID HE KEPT LOOKING AT HER AND SMILING... I JUST WANNA TALK TO HIM🙃🙃🔪 - - { #Books #Fandoms #Textposts #Textpost #Harrypotter #Reading #Starwars #Lukeskywalker #Hansolo #Princessleia #Tumblr #Meme #Tumblrtextposts #funny #Tumblrtextpost #Tumblrpost #tumblrfunny}
Kim organised my trip around the USA and put up with me the entire time. That's an amazing amazing woman right there! Kim feels so deeply for the animals that she can barely talk about what is happening without bursting into tears. She wanted to help and the best way she thought she could contribute was to get me out there. She's one of my biggest supporters and had no experience doing anything like this before! Speeches were organised every single day and because of all the people in attendance plus videos and pics posted to social media, who could possibly know the countless amount of seeds this tour planted. Team work at its finest! Kim, thank you! It was a pleasure (mostly 😜) Follow @funlovingvegan ✌🏽
Di perjalanan, Saliha kebingungan mencari rumah Putri. Saliha bertanya, tetapi malu. Akhirnya, Saliha memberanikan diri bertanya. “Permisi, Kak. Rumah Putri di sebelah mana, ya?” “Oh, di sana yang bercat putih,” jawab kakak itu. (Kutipan dari buku “Aku Anak Pemberani” di Paket buku #HaloBalita) ㅤ Saliha tidak malu pergi ke pesta ulang tahun Putri pakai baju yang tidak baru. Tidak hanya itu, Saliha pun berani bertanya dan bernyanyi di depan banyak orang. Waaah...! Hebat, ya! Siapa yang mau jadi anak pemberani seperti Saliha?! Siapa yang ingin anaknya jadi pemberani? ㅤ Di dalam paket buku ini ada panduan untuk orangtua loh, bagaimana melatih anak untuk mampu mengatasi situasi yang dianggap menakutkan. Buku ceritanya juga penuh gambar dan warna-warni :) ㅤ Yuk segera pesan ke #BookAdvisor kami, Ayah-Bunda. Hari ini terakhir PROMO loh. Setiap pemesanan Halo Balita, akan mendapatkan hadiah langsung satu kaos yang bisa dimainkan dengan aplikasi Augmented Reality, keren kan? Tunggu apalagi? ㅤ ㅤ #PelangiMizan #HaloBalita #AkuAnakPemberani #Books #Bookforkids #BukuAnak #BukuAnakMuslim #BukuAnakIslami #Bookstagram #childrenbook #picbook
Shelves and shelves of books. And ladders. I think that's pretty close to perfect! 😍 • Does anyone have shelves big enough that they need a ladder to reach the top? • #shelfie #bookshelves #elizabethsbookshop #ireadbooks #readersofinstagram #alwaysreading
Adoramos quando vocês fotografam a Cultura ❤️ #fotografeacultura #foto #fotografia Obrigada @biihbranco ・・・ OMG! #books #love #read #photooftheday #paradise
Excerpt from This Is What Real Love Feels Like. Order from or from the link in my bio. (Use code "LOVE" at checkout for 10% off) #sylvestermcnutt
¿Azul o Rosa?
Happy release day to The Heart's Invisible Furies by John Boyne! This gorgeous book has captivated me through and through. . Following the life of Cyril Avery, The Heart's Invisible Furies is a saga of epic proportions, following Cyril through his journey of self acceptance in a time and place that didn't want to accept him. . I didn't get to read much this weekend so I'm hoping to finish it up soon, but at the same I'm dreading the end because I don't want to say goodbye to Cyril. He's a tenacious and admirable protagonist. . Which new release are you excited for today? . .
Who would you live with!? The Bay House by Adam Christopher Design @revolutionarchitect
the second image kills me 😂
Well hello there Elentiya. 😻You may be the best reading buddy ever, but you're KINDA in my way right now. • So, that's my best friend, Elentiya, or Ellie for short. I personally like to call her My Elentiya, though because she is Queen B around here. Not really what I was going for in this picture but she chose this spot, and I wouldn't dare move her. • Hope you're all having a fabulous week so far! I feel like I'm rarely on anymore but the last few weeks have been CA-RAZY with back to school and work, although going extremely well, is just insane. Such is life. So, tell is everyone?! What are you reading? Watching? Listening to? . . . . . . . #totalbooknerd #bookme #bookbeau #cats #catsofinstagram #catlover #donnatartt #kitty #booksandcoffee #coffee
Tree in The House Designed by A.Masow Design - Sign Up for 20% OFF On Our House Hold Products! Link In BIO!! @dopedecors
GIVEAWAY ALERT 🌟 Hello everyone! 🌸 It's time to begin the fourth and final Blind Date with a Book Giveaway of the month! Everything is the same as the last time! Good luck! 💜 This giveaway is US Only! (Sorry international friends! I’ll have something good for you in the future!) All you have to do to enter is… Follow me here @moonlitbooks — don’t follow just to unfollow please and thank you! 😘 Tag a friend you think would be interested down below! And tell me your favorite book ever! 📖💞 For a BONUS ENTRY share this photo in your story and tag me in it! ☺️ Giveaway closes August 27th at 9 pm EST and the winner will be announced the next day! ✨ You must be 18 years old or have your parents permission to enter! This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram Good luck to everyone who enters! 😄 #giveaway #bookgiveaway
The first poster I have seen for the new Gotti movie The life and death of John Gotti. Based on the book Shadow of my father by @johnagotti read the book today and go and see the movie December 15th 2017. #JohnGotti #JohnAGotti #GambinoCrimeFamily #TeflonDon #Dapperdon #TheLastDon #Mobsters #Mafia #Omerta #CosaNostra #Gangsters #Books #Reading #Movies #Boss #NewYork #Respect #RIP.
“1. To feel a broken heart break in a slow, deep fashion feels like an endless and futile state of dysphoria. You’ve tried to pry yourself open and hold it together but it slipped through your grasp like liquid sadness so you blamed what you were made of, instead of what caused your heart to break in the first place. 2. If you blame yourself enough, you will start to believe it. And if 23 days is all it takes to create a new habit, condemning yourself is now a buckled-down routine. 3. Liquid sadness does not evaporate. It hardens deep within you and slowly decomposes into an aura of stoicism. You can’t recall when it began, but you know that this is who you are now - a barren shell with a disheartened soul hiding in the pit of forced emotional paralysis.” — But baby you’ve gotta hurt before you can heal // n.b. (via 21silverlinings)
Another super cool hand to book cover. These are just amazing. #Repost @lila_read ( @get_repost) ・・・ #adieulapal ~~ Hello tout le monde j'espère que vous allez bien ! Je viens de finir Obsession de @jennifer_l_armentrout chez @jailu_editions . Il s'agit d'un hors série de la saga Lux à lire entre le tome 3 et le tome 4 . Et attention ce n'est pas un YA cest un New adult clairement ! Je l'ai dévoré et ADORÉ !!! Je suis tomber amoureuse de Hunter , il rejoint clairement mon top 5 des Bookboyfriend !! Mon dieu cet homme est torride ! Vous l'avez lu ? Quand avez vous pensé ? Merci à ma copine d'amour Alex @labibliothequedesreves qui le la fait découvrir 😘😘 Je vous mets le résumé : Serena Cross était restée sceptique lorsque sa meilleure amie avait assuré que le fils du sénateur trempait dans un étrange complot. Après l’exécution de cette dernière sous ses yeux, le doute n’est plus permis : elle aussi est menacée. Mandaté par le Département de la Défense, Hunter est chargé de veiller à sa sécurité. Sa particularité, hormis le fait qu’il soit imbuvable mais irrésistible ? Ce chasseur redoutable possède des "aptitudes" qui le rendent tout à fait capable de rivaliser avec les ennemis de Serena. Entre eux, la tension est immédiate, et leurs échanges tantôt glaciaux, tantôt électriques. Mais si Hunter connaît le dossier de Serena par coeur, celle-ci ignore tout de son protecteur... notamment qu’à ses côtés, elle court peut-être un plus grand danger encore. #bookstagrammer #adieulapal #bookislife #jailu #book #bookislife #books #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookclub #passionlecture #photobookchallenge #newreads #newadult #newromance #neverlandpbc #hunter
Repost via @bneventsgrove: DID YOU HEAR??? @joshsabarra joins us September 13th at 7pm to launch his latest novel "Enemies Closer" which has been described as "The Devil Wears Prada meets Bridget Jones's Diary with a sinister Hollywood twist"
💠《 #ResenhaNickMafra》Minha Lady Jane | @cynthiahand, @unicornwarlord e @brodiashton | @editoragutenberg | 4 ⭐‘s. Minha Lady Jane é reconto histórico sobre a Inglaterra durante o século XVI - período da dinastia Tudor -; neste livro as autoras reimaginaram a luta entre os protestantes e os católicos e adicionaram um pouco de fantasia à história; a luta em Minha Lady Jane é entre os verdádicos e os edianos - verdádicos sendo seres humanos normais, e edianos sendo pessoas que possuem o poder de se transformar em animais. __ Eduardo VI é o Rei da Inglaterra, porém, ele está à beira da morte. Com um leve empurrãozinho do seu conselheiro, Eduardo resolve nomear sua prima, e melhor amiga, Jane Grey, como a sucessora do trono - entretanto, para isso, muitas coisas terão que mudar na vida da garota. Jane passa seus dias devorando livros, seu passatempo favorito. Certo dia, Jane é surpreendida com a notícia de que terá que se casar com Gifford Dudley, um garoto que possui um pequeno segredinho e é um completo estranho; e, para piorar ainda mais a situação, Jane descobre que está prestes a se tornar a nova Rainha da Inglaterra! __ Gente, que livro divertido! Minha Lady Jane é um recontagem histórica com um toque de fantasia, com muito humor, romance e aventura! Preciso confessar que quando iniciei a leitura fiquei um pouco receosa, não sabia se iria dar certo essa mistura de fantasia com fatos históricos reais, mas as autoras conseguiram e o resultado ficou muito bacana! Os personagens deste livro foram muito bem criados e desenvolvidos e não pude evitar, morri de amores por Jane e Gifford; gostei muito da evolução do relacionamento dos personagens, como foi tudo tão leve e natural - dois lindos! Em alguns momentos as autoras deram um tempinho na narração da estória para bater um papo com o leitor e explicar o que estava acontecendo; em algumas situações isso foi bem bacana, porém, em outros achei um pouco desnecessário, esse bate papo atrapalhou um pouco a fluidez da leitura. Mas, no geral, a leitura é super gostosa e rapidinha. Recomendo muito a leitura de Minha Lady Jane, principalmente se você é fã de fantasia e está procurando algo mais gostosinho e engraçado.
#bookishemoji17 Day 23: 👑👑👑 • Happy book birthday to the fourth and final book in the Jackaby series, The Dire King! 🎉🎈 I was lucky enough to receive an early copy from the wonderful people at @algonquinyr, and ever since I've had it I've been in total awe at how gorgeous these for covers look together 😍 If you're looking for a fun and unique series full of mystery and sass and ghosts and frogs and death and ducks, then you should absolutely check out the Jackaby books! 💫 • • #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookish #bookishfeatures #bookstagrammer #bookworm #booknerd #booknerdigans #booklove #booklover #booklovers #bookaddict #bookaholic #bookporn #bookphotography #bibliophile #books #book #yalit #epicreads #igbooks #read #reader #reading #jackaby #beastlybones #ghostlyechoes #thedireking #tbr
There's less traffic when you go the extra mile, double tap if you agree! 🙌 #wisdomelevation 📷: @masonprendergast
Because @itscarus knows how to romanticize the ladies ❤️- All we get is one life, so go ahead and make it worth it. Love endlessly, always.
Info Belanja Buku Hemat. 4 Buku Best Seller Asma Nadia hanya 140K?😱 Dengan membayar Rp 140.000 Anda mendapat bonus hingga senilai Rp 207.000 (147%) Apa saja yang di dapat? 3 buku baru (bebas pilih 3 tapi tidak boleh sama judul) senilai maksimal Rp 201.500 (misalnya CDK, SYTD2 dan LSIK) Harga belum termasuk ongkir 1 kg Pilih 3 buku dari 5 judul berikut 1. Cinta Dua Kodi 2. Surga Yang Tak Dirindukan2 3. Love Spark in Korea 4. Antara Cinta dan Ridha Ummi 5. Cinta Laki-Laki Biasa 6. Catatan Hati Seorang Gadis. Selama persediaan masih ada. Pemesanan online sms/wa 085218683858 atau via @tokoasmanadia. Semoga infonya manfaat buat yang cari buku bagus, bestseller dan murah😊 #tokoasmanadia #books #bestseller #asmanadia #author #bacabuku #authorsofinstagram #belionline #bukumotivasi #bukunovel #bukumurah #murah
Alright folks, #bedtime means #readinginbed. Here are a few of my favorite books I've recently read- they cover quite the spectrum. My #newyearsresolution this year was not to buy any new #books until I read everything on my #bookshelf so I've been making my way down the list and borrowing from family and friends and the #littlefreelibrary all around the city. Feel free to share any #bookrecommendation with me! It was great sharing my day with you all- please follow @ligisini for more #dcliving. Goodnight!!