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💥BROWN RICE vs. WHITE RICE💥 - 🏓For years and years and years, white rice has been demonized as "bad" or "worse" than brown rice. The reasons vary but mainly have to do with one of two [misinformed] points. - 🦄Vitamin and Mineral Content - for some reason people think brown rice has more/better nutrients. But, as you can see in this picture, that's not the case. They both have a bunch of important nutrients and what one lacks, the other makes up for. Worth noting, the micronutrient differences between the two are VERY small. So while both have distinct advantages, the vitamin/mineral content between white & brown rice is nearly identical. - 🌵The Glycemic Index (GI) - long story short, people have been led to believe white rice is worse for you because it's GI is higher and therefore spikes blood sugar more. But, fact is, the GI of a food doesn't tell us how "bad" it is for you. It just tells us how quickly that food can raise blood sugar. Watermelon, for example, is one of the highest GI foods in the world but I guarantee you don't know a single person who got fat or had serious health problems from eating it. There's just A LOT more to health (calorie content, nutrient makeup, etc) than the glycemic index, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you something. - 🐣The take-home point here is white rice is NOT worse for you than brown rice. They both have pros and cons and, truthfully, you'll probably be healthier incorporating both into your diet rather than either one alone. - 🙏❤I hope this helps and, as always, any questions leave em below 💪 - #iifym #flexibledieting #ifitfitsyourmacros #diet #dieting #dietfood #nutrition #preworkout #preworkoutmeal #postworkout #postworkoutmeal #calorie #calories #foodprep #weightloss #weightlossfood #weightlosstransformation #weightlossmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlosssuccess #weightlossdiary #weightlossstory #fatlossjourney #fatlosstransformation #alwaysoptimal #syattfitness
Manchester tour memories... always the best crowd. Love you. 💕💕💞💞💞💞
Core Challenge! Tag a friend & let's go!😅💪🏽 . 1️⃣Hollow Hold Crunch - 8 Reps 2️⃣Hollow Bicycles - 10 Reps 3️⃣Hollow Flutters - 12 Reps 4️⃣Hollow Knee Taps - 12 Reps 5️⃣Hollow Arm Circles - 15 Circles . 3 Sets . . Leggings: @onnit . . #corechallenge #challenge #challengeyourcore #challangeyourself #challengeyourbody #challengeyourfitness #core #coreworkout #howtoburncalories #howtogetabs #howtotoneyourtummy #femalesixpackguide #sixpackfemmes #homeabs #homeexercises #fitgirlvideos #fithharmony #befitvideos #mytrainercarmen
Day 11 of @markhymanmd sugar detox... what?! Yep! I decided to keep this going for a whole 30 days to really tune into my body and figure out what foods are triggers for me (allergy triggers). I truly have enjoyed this detox, the way my body and mind feel is not worth any high glycemic processed snack. That being said I'll be adding in beans, and other foods to transition into a lifestyle with more food choices. Plus hummus hello?! Also I'll be enjoying a few glasses of wine this weekend 😱 even Dr. Mark Hyman enjoys a glass from time to time! This whole fitness and food game is all about balance, eating smart and finding what works for you. Don't ever let someone make you feel bad for how you choose to eat! You know your body! Read, learn, get healthy and wear that sh!t proud! 💕❤️ love y'all!
This is my favorite thing I have ever seen in my entire life.
Några kalla i detta väder var inte helt fel! #lektern
Here starts the night with my mamasita @irinashayk and @bellahadid. #Amfar @dsquared2 #Cannes2017
I feel so lucky to call this wonderful human my friend.... he is one of those people that you feel inspired and sparkly after a big hug and a lovely conversation...!!! 😊💙 Instagram, this is Pete Shmigel, the CEO of @lifelineaustralia , and this is us before the @smhhalfmarathon on the weekend ✨ Everyday @lifelineaustralia work tirelessly round the clock to provide support for those Aussies in crisis 😞Currently we are losing 8 Aussies a day to suicide, and it's the largest cause of death for young Australians 💙You guys know the issue of mental health is so close to my heart, and I hope by speaking out publically it makes you a little less fearful to reach out and talk about your own experiences 🤛🏼🤞🏼 You can reach out to Lifeline by calling 131114, or, find out more about them and how you can help by visiting 💙💙💙
Redo för studde v 💇
We're about to go live!! Head to @Bondisands to find out what the new product is! #bondisandsontour 💥
Pergi ke kedai beli buah nangka balik simpan sampai selasa esok lusa jangan lupa sabtu dah start puasa . selamat berpuasa kawan kawan 🍿🍧🍨🍭🍪🍦🍣🍟🌭🍕🌮🌯🍔
@ciprconf очень крутой в этом году😉 Горжусь мужем, который не боится самых смелых фантазий в IT технологиях и ищет всяческие способы их внедрения в нашу жизнь и на пользу нашей жизни. Вася @vasilybrovko, ты собрал тысячи молодых людей и дал им надежду на то, что у их идей есть будущее в нашей стране... #ЦИПР #Ростех #Иннополис @rostec_russia
Black Barbies in Cannes ♥️ #AmfarGALA @winnieharlow @joansmalls
2.26.15 // 115lbs. • 5.24.17 // 135lbs. Passion, patience, and consistency is key. Passion is what creates excitement and drives you to reach your goals. Patience allows you to realize that change does not happen over night. That physical change is a process. You're going to binge eat every now and then, you're going to try new techniques that may not work, you're going to have bad days, you're going to miss some days at the gym - but just because something isn't happening for you right now, doesn't mean you give up. Slow progress is progress, and you have to keep going. Consistency is the sum of your small efforts repeated everyday. We all have to start somewhere, so start small so you don't get discouraged. You are capable of reaching your goals, with small steps everyday!
Snyggaste bruden i stan! o hon är min bästi 💕