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Read a book 📙 . Keep the wall strong. Winter is coming! #books #bookworm #Wisdom #religion #TheBookmanship
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"When we come together, them see how strong we is." #bobmarleyquotes
Thank you for reading my poems and quotes/text that I post daily about love, life, friendship and emotions on a backdrop of flowers, plants and other treasures collected from nature. . Please tag me in reposts, they are always welcomed. ❤️ . Image © 2017 Gemma troy . . . . #text #textposts #poem #flowerslovers #textgram
I hope your future husband isn't the clingy type. I don't like to share. #MrsQueenBee
👉🏻Síguenos @hechoparamujeres 👈🏻💅🏻 ________________________________ #makeupgoals #makeup #españa #colombia #quotes #amor #love