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To pickle or to fry. Tough decision.! Repost/ 📷 @onebeangarden Use #hydrovegan to be featured
A little blue corner 💙💜💙 #lavender #hydrangea
This Roomba for your garden can be your weed warrior. . . . . . #roomba #tertill #garden #gardenroomba #gardenrobot #landscaping #gardening #robot #tech #technology #technolover
From - True Story of a #GardenActivist - Shared from . To celebrate the 2000 wonderful people that are following my weird face on IG, here is a #tbt to my first garden, my back yard garden. I moved into a new house around three years ago, saw an empty canvas of a back yard and FANTASIZED about growing food. At this point, it wasn't an OBSESSION (like it is now), but I just thought I could do something small. I read "Square Foot Gardening," started watching YouTube gardener John Kohler () and my whole life changed. I binged every bit of information I could. I read more books, watched more videos. When I finally felt ready, I built my first 4x4 bed...then another...then another....then I added a 4x10 bed and pushed everything together (then built 2 more along the fence!). I started small, kept it manageable than EXPANDED when I was ready. This whole time, I also fantasized about building a front yard garden that would make a STATEMENT and set an example to neighbors and people driving/walking by. 3 years later I still have SO MUCH to learn and create but am grateful to ALL OF YOU for posting your stuff and TEACHING me so much. Lets change the world fuckers. 😉 . . 👉 @fancygardeningclub #raisedbedgarden #gardendesign #raisedbedgardening #growyourownfood #gardening #foodnotlawns #organicgarden #nogmo #growyourownfood #growfood #groworganic
. 暑いですね~~ は、もう聞きあきましたね😅💦 . 関東もいよいよ梅雨明けしました😆 . 昨日 #ブラックベリー #ブルーベリー を収穫😊 早速ジャムにしました~💜 . 冷凍しておいた少ないラズベリー も一緒にコトコト.... . . 2017.7.20 . . #ガーデン #ガーデニング #ナチュラルガーデン #小道 #小路 #お庭のある暮らし #ヒメイワダレソウ #gardening #garden #naturalgarden #mygarden
What a cute mini pallet arrangement! I haven't had a chance to make one yet, but I'd love to try! Thanks for tagging me @rakytnik 💚💕
today's yield ▪ so today i decided to let the jungle be a jungle.everything is growing so well in the field and since we will be gone to norway soon, i thought i don't stress myself with trying to manage the field jungle.i'm not sure if its a 'permaculture' or not, but i try to do as less as possible and flowers like yarrow, calendula and all the weed are part of it.the girls found a dead mice today, just beside the broccoli plant and yes, we have tooooooons of root voles and meadow voles, but we also have lots of butterflies enjoying the natural field with all whats growing and blooming what you see here in that photo is about our daily the broccoli, cauliflower, sweet corn, pastinakes and potatoes are almost ready to never gets boring and we are gifted so much, that we can gift our neighbours and friends with veggies from the field....this is my kind of summer joy♡