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Girls in school bathrooms vs. Boys' 👫 w/ @official_janina @hannahstocking @inanna @iamstevenspence @raydiaz (tag a friend) #tb
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Barbie World in real life 😜 w/ @lelepons @lizakoshy @brittanyfurlan TAG 3 AMIGOS #tb
Hello Instagram ! There are times where posting everything you do on social media makes sense. And there are some where showing respect means putting down the phone for a moment and being present. The people we meet, the people we are here to help are going through some of the hardest moment of their lifes. The suffering is everywhere and getting stronger a little bit everyday. You know how much I love to create happy/positive videos about everything but sometimes the best way to help somebody is just to be quiet for a moment and do the work. Thanks for everyone that understands that when I don't post it doesn't mean I forget about you or I don't care anymore, it just means it's what's best to do. Over the next week I am going to make an effort to pick up my phone again, to show you as much as possible about the situation here. Because 85,000 of you donated to this project but also because the worst thing that could happen to Somalis is everybody closing their eyes. The world needs to look at this famine straight into the eyes and find solutions before it's too late. Creating positive content is my favorite thing to do in the world and it is an honor to be able to use that passion for Somalis. Some of the most generous, some of the most kind yet some of the most discriminated people in the world. Over the next week you will get to to see A LOT of smiles across my social media. A LOT of this french guy that still doesn't speak really good English but will try his best to tell you what's going on here. TONES and tones of food & water distributed as this is our number one job here! And of course we will keep some room for some magical things to happen. It's good to talk to you all again. You are like friends that I don't see often enough yet I know that you are never very far away. I love you & I respect you. Jérôme.
Nos divertimos mucho con @dosogas el otro día!
now we are in Spain!!🇪🇸 WE ARE GONNA MISS OUR AMERICAN FAMILY🇺🇸 see y soon
First Time🎶 Friday. @elliegoulding
KEFERA 🇧🇷❤️ (tag a friend from another country)
Pues me puse a dibujar cosas hippies 💜
We've recorded something special for @dazed 📹 Head over to see our shoot and tap their Stories for a surprise clip 👀 Photography @caspersejersenstudio Styling @robbiespencer All clothes @jacquemus
Semua dimulai dari LANGKAH PERTAMA sprti halnya kita mengayuh sepeda, awalnya terasa berat..kayuhan demi kayuhan trus dilakukan, tapi apa yg terjadi bila sepeda itu melaju kencang? Akan terasa ringan dan lajunyapun semakin cepat dan kencang.. selalu jaga keseimbangan dan tetap fokus. Begitu pula halnya kita dalam menjalankan BISNIS. Go Action now... suksess . Basic Training Tangerang . . . . . #throwback #basictraining #action #sukses #goaction #trainer #training #enterpreneur #leader #semangat #bicycle
Estoy en la alberca/piscina más grande del 🌎, esta en Chile y mide 1 km de longitud ❄️ • Que bonito eres Chile 🇨🇱❤️
Crazy Locos w/ this 2 guys in December 🇲🇽🔥🇨🇴
with ❤️ and 🙏 for 1M....! donation to come, but i had to shout out my gratitude as soon as i saw.... #bestfansever
Hey @itswilwheaton: my bedhead this morning was all, "Wear your new #Wolverine shirt!" And I was all, "Ok."
Bone apple tea ( @masipopal)