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this class is gonna be ruff (follow @chaos.reigns_ for more)
(2/2) “I reached Bombay, went to the branch of my institute and asked for a job — they said there was an opening! I went for my interview the next day and got the job…I’ll never forget that moment in my life. The next few months were the most gruelling, yet satisfying. I stayed with 5 roommates in a 100 sq feet room in Dadar, with a food budget of about 75 Rupees a day. I worked until midnight during the week and took almost no weekends off — I was studying side by side, so for those initial years, I would stay up till 3 am studying and then go back to work at 9 am the next day! That December, I met a special woman who gave color to my every dreams — it was like the puzzle of my life was finally complete! From the time that I have met her, she has believed in me more than I believe in myself — she didn’t demand anything … not a honeymoon, jewellery or a big house. She had faith in me, herself and our future — in fact, during our wedding days, I would rush home to study as i was appearing for a Law Exam and not once did she complain — I strongly believe, that with the right woman by your side…you can achieve anything! And we did…at the age of 25 I bought my dream home, but I continued to study and grow. Even when my daughter was born, I could only meet her for some time, before rushing to my class — but it’s all been worth it because I can give her all those things that I grew up without. Those years have helped shape who I am today — I value every penny and more than that understand that I'm here today, because of my education. The only way forward was to give back — which is why I pay for the education of 5 underprivileged children. The journey has been incredible. I went from having 500 Rupees in my pocket, to being the associate director at a Fortune 500 company — because I believed in the hustle, and had unwavering faith that someday, despite my current condition…I would make it.”
What Is the Difference Between a Lunge and a Split Squat?🤔🤔 . . Lunges and split squats share similarities that make the two exercises easy to confuse. To understand the differences between them, focus on the muscles they activate and the form considerations of each. The differences may appear subtle, but the exercises differ significantly. Contrasting the two focuses your workout to support your fitness goals. . . THE REAR LEG IS 🔑 In a lunge and split squat, one leg is forward and in front of you, the other leg is behind you. In a lunge, the rear leg is engaged in the exercise. In a split squat, the rear leg is at rest throughout the exercise -- it is not engaged. This is the key difference between the two exercises. A split squat focuses on the exercise entirely on one leg. The lunge uses both legs at the same time. . . Gym: @totalfitnesscessnock @the_mass_performance_centre . . Repping: 🔴⚫️ @massnutritionaustralia @massnutritioncessnock @massnutritionraymondterrace . . Kicks: @adidas.boost🔥 . . Shoutout: 🙋‍♂️ @fit.huntervalley @fitness_meets_health . . . . . #leadbyexample #keen #diet #exercise #bodybuilding #lunges #motivation #pushinglimits #drive #love #instafit #education #success #instahealth #instafit #instagood #squats #determination #follow #sportsscience #compatition #summeriscoming #educationispower #newcastle #coach #love #themassperformancecentre #donuts #sqauts #instahappy #instagood
Hi explorer, Lembaga Konservasi Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor baru mendapatkan anggota keluarga baru niih. Pada 18 November 2017, Uchi sang Banteng Jawa melahirkan seekor anak dengan proses lahir secara alami setelah melewati masa kebuntingan selama 299 hari. Sang Bayi lahir dengan sehat dan berat 23kg. Bayi Banteng Jawa ini adalah hasil inseminasi buatan pertama di dunia lhoo explorer. Uchi sendiri mengalami kebuntingan setelah 2 kali proses inseminasi. Banteng jawa (Bos javanicus) merupakan satwa endemik Indonesia yang tersebar di Pulau Jawa & Bali. Satwa yang berstatus Endangered atau terancam punah ini populasinya semakin menurun dari tahun ke tahun dikarenakan perburuan liar (untuk diambil daging & tanduknya), hilangnya habitat, serta ancaman dari predator alami yaitu ajag. Selain Inseminasi buatan dan koleksi sperma yang juga bekerjasama dengan IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor), untuk meningkatkan populasinya, Taman Safari Indonesia juga tergabung ke dalam Global Species Management Plans bersama Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan, IUCN, PKBSI, serta kebun binatang lainnya di seluruh dunia. #bantengjawa #inseminasi #inseminasibuatan #education #conservation #endangered #tamansafariindonesiabogor #tamansafariindonesia #tamansafari
When corralled by a crazy strong magnetic field, the temperature of a plasma can go from millions of degrees at its center to room temperature in the surrounding air. At least that’s what happens in our experimental fusion reactors. Might be the reason lightsabers don’t melt hands and faces. ... (Rey’s Lightsaber from @ultrasabers) #science #scifi #sciencefiction #physics #plasma #fusion #magnet #education #stem #disney #starwars #rey #lightsaber #video #jedi #sith #movies #thelastjedi #theforceawakens #BecauseScience #longhair