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Natural History Museum 🐢 London Congrats @vivienne_aiko Use #map_of_europe #London
Fancy one more shot of London in the snow? There is a good chance we won’t see another snowfall in the capital before Christmas, so let's use the opportunity to feature this wonderfully colourful and very festive view of the famous Notting Hill by @a_ontheroad! Love how those colours pop on this rather dull, rainy day... come back snow - all is forgiven! . Before I drone on: Big thanks to everyone for following this page! It's now hit over 200,000 followers! 🎉 "Eeee, by 'eck!", as we say in the north of England. That's right smashing that is. I'm ( @timholt) planning on more tours, bigger competitions and giveaways in 2018, so please do keep following and commenting (and putting up with my daft stories!).. it's always a pleasure to feature great work by so many talented photographers out there! . Notting Hill is very well known thanks to the yearly carnival and the much loved film staring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant...So it's no surprise that house prices have rocketed over the years! In fact, back in 1968, when Tim and Penny Hicks bought the dilapidated 157 Portland Road for just £11,750 ($15,000) the latter's mother was shocked that they had chosen to move their family from up-market Chelsea into an area more known for rag and bone men than bankers.... but forty-four years later, their house is now worth more than £2 million pounds ($2.6 million)... what a fab investment. Wonder if my garden shed will increase in value on the same scale - ha! Lovely shot by @a_ontheroad 🇬🇧 Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and then add the tag #photosofbritain and tag us in the picture too! 🇬🇧
Tag the person you could live in a tiny house with. Photo by @tinyhousecompany
Друзья, наш тег с @pollunaa уже не имеет смысла, так как куча левых людей постит туда фотографии, да и сама Пелагея забросила его. Вот я и подумал, почему бы не сделать свои теги по странам/темам. Что думаете, имеет смысл? #suitcasetwohats
Brela Residence designed by Montreal Firm Ariel Aaron Architects. ( @arielaaronc) 😍💙📍 #Croatia #architectanddesign
Bugün Danimarka'da yapılan resepsiyonumuzda bizi yanlız bırakmayan tüm dostlarımıza sonsuz teşekkürler..🙏🏻 #architecture #resepsiyon #dagmuhendislik #emlakkonut #toki #denmark
Hassan II Mosque, above and below 2 blue skies.. #inmorocco 💙 Follow us on @moroccohotels 📷 : @khurumfilmmaker 🎆 Blue sea and sky lovers, show up, we are watching you 👋