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If you wake up to a person and y'all don't share the same passions, driven by the same motives, or strive to uplift/empower each other in some way... you're in the wrong relationship. The "perfect fit" would take time to learn you, show interest in reaching inside to evaluate what makes you tick, and take every initiative to make you smile on a daily. It can't work if it's one sided either. It's all about that 50/50 split in love. Otherwise someone is being drained of potential energy that can be appreciated elsewhere. At times we get so complacent with a person because it's not "broken" but like a wise man asked me "Are you living or merely existing?" If you're lacking the key elements, you're both just simply co-existing because it's comfortable. There's no potential growth for either party. At some point you should strive to see that other person soar just as high as you or maybe even surpass you BECAUSE you feel they are you. It's not a competition in love. You should empower each other on EVERY level! That person should complete you and make you feel that your better because of the love & effort they pour into you. Without that, you're not living or experiencing fulfillment life. Who is that fair to in a relationship? . . On another note, Excited to launch my online program! Click on link in bio or Dm me your e📬 for details
Casarano è un comune italiano di 20 285 abitanti della provincia di Lecce in Puglia. Situato nel Salento sud-occidentale, dista 46 km dal capoluogo provinciale e 10 km dalla costa ionica. #gq #beautifuldestinations #barocco
The hottest interior accessories at the moment — textured vases and boxes! 🌼🌻 #HMHome #homedecor
Assalamu'alaikum.. Selamat pagi menjelang siang.. 😊 . . Suasana baru di ruang tamu nya #thenugrohouse . Modal geser kanan geser kiri, pindahin bench meja makan, geser divider, pindahin lemari sepatu.. Taraaaa.. Jadii deh r.tamu edisi Halal Bihalal. He he.. . . Paling g bs sbnrnya arrange2 + tambah2 perintilan. Geser2 bgini aja lumayan lah ya, buat ganti suasana + nambah kapasitas di r.tamu imut nya. 😁😁 . . Selamat liburan semuaaaa.. Siap2in amunisi buat arus baliknya yaa.. 💪😊 . . #rumahmungil #rumahkomplek #tinyhouse #renovasirumahmungil #homedecor #baitijannati #rumahkusurgaku
. صبح همگی به خیر و شادی! (ماسوله،گیلان) عکس از: @fereshteh.mim شما هم تصاویر خانه و شهر زیبای خود را به دایرکت چیدانه و یا به شماره 09338804525 ارسال نمایید. _______ چیدانه راهنمای آنلاین دکوراسیون و معماری #چیدانه #دکوراسیون_خانه #دکوراسیون_داخلی #طراحی_داخلی #خانه #منزل #طراحی_دکوراسیون #گردشگری #ماسوله #گیلان #chidaneh #decor #decoration #interior_design #interiordesign #home #homedecor #housedecor
The finished product! See my previous post for a slide show how to. This isn't staying, but I learned a couple new skills! Next time I'd use a darker color wall paper, and sand less along the outer edges. #diy #homedecor