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Look girly da @docedecoco_oficial ☺️
@thomashalbert is SLAYING this #MidnightMermaid look! Comment below if you've watched his YouTube review on this mer-mazing collection! #wetnwildbeauty #crueltyfree #makeup #beauty #mermaid
👑Transformation of The Mind👑 👗TrainForTheDress👗 👠TrainForTheHeels👠 👙TrainForTheBikinin👙 QUESTION: Can working out save your life? I think it can change Your body which is great, and who doesn't want to feel as good when they look in the mirror as they do when they are standing naked in front of themselves or a partner! But beyond the physical I believe working out WORKS on your mind. It's hard to practice discipline, and practice improves many things but the greatest improvement I have observed in my own self during my process of improving has been a change in my perspective and here's the powerful thing about that... Perspective can change your attitude, it will change your responses to the external world happening around you and it can absolutely change your mentality.That is a life saver because your mentality is exactly what got you here( wherever here may be respective to you) so if "here" isn't where you want to be a big change in what got your "here" is gonna have to occur to get your life- boat 🚣🏽 moving in a new direction which will yield a new result! #30DayTransformationTeam FitCurvy💪🍑 💥ItsTheScience💥 To Get Your Own Personalized "FitCurvy" Plan Go To: (click get started)
The opening day and beautiful Zandvoort! @mattiasekstromracing was fourth fastest in free practice 1. Race day tomorrow! #DTM #DTMZandvoort #LeagueofPerformance  #AudiRS5 #RS5 #AudiRS5DTM #racecar #speed #beauty #blue #redbull #cars #carsofinstagram
Insane Art 🔥😱 Tag a friend to see this! Follow @igviralvideox 👈